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Redhead is frustrated at the level of Police State that has emerged. I agree. She'll no doubt perk up when some of the restrictions are lifted... as she says, so much of it is so ridiculous if you don't live in an infection zone. Who would have thought that China could be so deceitful and manipulative as to unleash a virus that could bring Democracy and Capitalism to its knees?

Anyone who thinks that this was accidental has rocks in their heads. This was a deliberate attack on the Western World and not a soldier deployed. China will be laughing all the way to the bank at what has been the most successful war ever waged by a Communist Regime against the entire Western World. I am not sure if they do high fives in Beijing, but, if they do, they will be doing them with great gusto.

And dancing a little sidestep as well.

They managed to , with the help of W.H.O and the UN, carry out a damned near perfect attack on Trump, America and all their opponents - and did it all by sacrificing a few lives of worthless peasants in China.

They quelled the impudent rioters in Hong Kong. They managed to remind us all that they own The Company Store.


Hats off to Taiwan: the real heroes in this Battle. what that brave little country has done is miraculous on so many fronts. They fought off the " Dragons Breath Virus " and stood strongly and defiantly and told China to get stuffed.

Countries like New Zealand - let's face it, led by President of the International Union of Socialist Youth - doesn't that make your heart leap with Faith in her? - seem to be applauded by the leftie luvvies for turning us in to Socialist Enclaves of Control, Containment and Contradiction.

Wait until Ramadan kicks in on April 23rd. Will they be told to stay at home?

What will happen two days later on Anzac Day? If the Moslems can do what they want and we cannot honour our fallen, that will not go down well.

The one thing I noticed this morning was that Morrison - our Prime Minister of Marketing Majesty - spoke about things in Public Service Speak. Why can't he do a Trump and speak English? Not all of us work for the Public Service. The Press Conferences have a Sign Language expert to interpret. What about getting someone like Barry Humphries to tell it in English what he is saying? It would sure make life a little easier right now. Much of what he says is like an episode of " Yes Prime Minister. "

Morrison said”:


“If we are to move to a different phase when it comes to the restrictions, we need an even broader testing regime than we have at this point,Morrison said.

“Now, we have one of, if not, the most extensive testing regime is in the world today. But we need to do even better than that to make sure that we can have greater confidence that when we moved to a lesser restriction environment we can have confidence we can identify any outbreaks very very quickly and respond to them.”

The Prime Minister also noted increased contact tracing, adding:We need to lift that to an industrial capability and do that using technology and we need to do that as soon as we possibly can, and we will be needing the support of Australians, if we can get that in place get the tracing capability up from where it is that will give us more options and Australians more freedoms.”

What did he actually say?

If we stop being so hard on you guys, the only way we can do that is if more people get tested to see if they have the Virus. We also need to ramp up finding out how people got infected and where that original infection came from.

Oh, OK. Now I get it. But he didn't say that. He used words. Words, words and more words. Why? Why can't he just speak English and cut to the chase, stop speaking " Political Speak " and talk with us, not at us?  At least Trump engages his People.

Like Redhead, I am sick and tired of being treated like a fool. Of course I am washing my hands, keeping my distance and being responsible. After all, I don't want to die and I don't want Redhead to die.

But for crying out loud, stop speaking in " Yes Prime Minister " speak and start speaking to us in language that WE can understand.

It is a joke. And talking of jokes, the Governments around the world need to listen to Trump and stop listening to China's lapdogs - the WHO and UN - and declare National Sovereignty and National Survival as the prime goal.

Get rid of the UN, get rid of WHO, get rid of Socialists or Communist traitors masquerading as Leftie luvvies and start getting back to MY COUNTRY, MY PEOPLE, MY BORDERS, MY FAMILY.

No more Chinese blackmail. No more Chinese investment. No more Chinese monopoly. No more Chinese financial standover tactics.

I have had it with China and the Chinese Communist Party that has infiltrated our Nations, aided, abetted and encouraged by our Leaders. It is not on.

This horror is a window of opportunity to regain control of our Nations and tell the Chinese squatters to bugger off.  Default on their loans and tell them that we are cancelling the debt in lieu of reparations.

Sue Us. Or we will Sue You.

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