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It is becoming very troubling - I am hearing concerns from people who are employers where there is this new sense of " entitlement " from people who are exploiting the new grandiose of the State.

Expecting more and more for doing less and less.

This division that has been created where the have nots are demanding from the haves is something I worry will not be easily reversed. I heard one employer saying that they are looking at firing everyone and going back to being a sole trader - would probably earn more money with less stress.


Years ago, I knew some people who invented a particularly clever thing that would be of use to many people. The guy and his two sons made them in their backyard workshop. They were doing incredibly well. Fed all 3 families very comfortably and they all enjoyed a high quality of life.

One day, they received a request from USA to produce 100,000 units. They talked and agreed to accept the order. Organised a factory, took on staff and went in to production.

They ended up working longer hours, spent time fending off employee complaints, employed people to do payroll stuff, HR etc. Made less money!

Once the order was fulfilled, they fired the staff and went back to the backyard.

The father said to me " I will never employ anyone ever again. The minute you employ people, you cease to be an employer. You become a benefactor. I am a businessman, not a charity. "

This is what the problem is now, to be honest. The me me me generation and mentality has been kicked in to overdrive and I simply cannot see how we can come back from it.

The Cops have turned into bullies. The populace have turned in to sheep and our Governments have turned in to recipients of " advice " from " advisors."  Frightened to make a bloody decision without having some scapegoat to blame when the shit hits the fan afterwards.

True Leadership is coming from President Trump,  but,  for the rest of us?

I suspect that many businesses will downsize after this. It has been a wake up call that, at the end of the day, has shown people that we are vulnerable to exploitation of goodwill and our sense of decency toward our fellow man. Financially and otherwise.

To make it clear , I am a " have not "

I have learned, through many years of experience, that if I don't have it, I don't spend it. I have no credit cards, no debt and live a very simple life. 

Hard work is rewarded. Laziness is not. A sense of entitlement is repugnant to me. However, a sense of gratitude is a good thing. And I have been grateful for any help I have received along the road. 

Surely this is a time to give thanks for our help, not to moan or ask for more?

As one person emailed me today, an employer who is housing and feeding his employees during their shutdown, lockdown, call it what you will:

" The party is over.  You either get to work or you are out of here, end of story..!  Totally different attitude now, nothing like taking away the gravy train and then slowly giving it back again.  They are on a wage subsidy and feel it is their right to just loaf around in our flash accommodation. I have had it. "


We are also learning who our true friends are.

And who our enemies are.


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