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An article is currently on the site taking the mickey out of   a glass of wine a tot of whiskey , to help  dull the  worries of the World situation.      The Coronavirus for example, the bush fires, the floods, the problems with Government, the Lefties, the teaching methods inflicted upon our children  in some schools.  you name it... anything that is negative in the World at the moment. 

It was a light hearted  piece to give a laugh and lighten the moment .   Unfortunately it was taken seriously in some cases  and suggested that  drinking  alcohol was not the answer to the woes of the Planet.    I can understand the comment, we have lost our sense of humour , we do not have much to laugh about,  some have lost all their belongings and some have lost loved ones in the dreadful fires many people have had to endure.   Money is hard come by and the handing out of help in that direction has been in some cases very slow.   People are doing if tough.

Now the rain has come,  thank goodness,  but in some places just a bit  too much all at once.   More loss and more cleaning up!!!    The feeling is probably when is it all going to end.   Sadness, exhaustion and a sense of despair.       If an article about a particular outlet such as a  Wine and Spirit Merchant can  lighten the mood even for a couple of minutes with a laugh  and make someone feel that all is not   lost  what is wrong with that.   It certainly was not suggesting that everyone go and drown their sorrows with booze .  

For my part , I hope everyone can see a bright side to things at the moment and strive towards  getting things back to normal in every way,  Personal lives and   Governments  looking after the people, doing what they were elected to do.   Ordinary people have shown the way, with all the volunteer  workers doing more than their bit .   Neighbours helping out , and families rallying around where assistance is needed.

If a   bottle of beer or a glass of wine   at the end of a hard and stressful day is enjoyed with your mates or family  you have probably earned it so make sure you  do enjoy it.


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