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Well, maybe a few more hours than that, but the world of normality is eagerly awaiting the Trump Rally in Tulsa and – like millions around the globe, I can’t wait.

Never have I awaited an event as much as this one: the opportunity to see the faces of free people enjoying and embracing the love of a President who has given so much, for so little to defend so much.

This Rally is the most important Rally Trump has ever held and the left communist and Marxist thugs will do anything to stop it or derail it.

Having watched each and every Rally since the beginning of the Trump campaign, I can say, hand on heart, that the rallies soothe my soul and quicken my breath – I feel alive, energised and jubilant after watching President Donald J Trump speak WITH his loyal voters and fellow Americans.

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As an Australian, it is impossible for me to comprehend how it would feel to spend time in an arena or a place of gathering with the man I hoped would lead me to 4 more years of his guardianship. In fact, as an observer from afar, I can only see how much of his first term has been spent putting out fires and being prevented from doing his job.

All that time wasted because petulant losers could not accept that they did not win.


Many years ago, I recollect running a race at primary school. I came in second. But I was convinced that I had won the race – to such an extent that I went to the race callers and told them, most emphatically that I had won and that they were wrong.

They assured me that I had come in second, told me that I had run a good race and that, as marvellous as my race was, I had come in second. I was furious.

I went home and my father took be aside.

He said “ The problem is that you feel that you deserved to win. “

I agreed with enthusiastic nods and was all set for my father to tell me how bad the race callers were. But he did not.

“ You lost. Get over it. Next time, run faster. “

And that was an end to it.

You see, that is the problem with the Democrats. They lost. Get over it. Next time run faster.

But they keep going on and on about how they didn’t come in second, they won and that it simply wasn’t fair.

I was 10 years old. I got over it and I learned to run faster.

But these bad losers have never been able to move beyond losing that race.

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Their chosen athlete to run against Trump is a person who lives in his basement, propped up by his wife ( who sometimes looks and behaves more like his mother than his wife ? ) and they know does not have a snow ball's chance in hell of winning against a seasoned athlete when it comes to how to run the race and play the game.

Tulsa is the day that Biden meets reality. And it ain’t going to be pretty. Trump is in good shape, ready to rumble and looking like, acting like and ready to be seen as a Rockstar.

Meantime, Joey is hiding in the basement with his mask on and hoping that the race caller trips up Trump and spares him the indignity of running a race in a sack while his opponent sprints ahead unshackled by dementia, mind fogs and his mother’s apron strings.


No matter what, the demoncraps want this race in Tulsa cancelled.

What rabbit will they pull out of the hat? An outbreak of Wuflu? Yep, that could do it. A false flag terrorist event? Yep, that would do it.

Mark my words, something will happen because 24 hours from Tulsa, something will happen.

Stay safe Mr President. Please stay safe.

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