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Some of your readers may remember I wrote about a fall I had through a plastic foot stool while trying to put a blanket on the top shelf in the hall cupboard.   Since then I have been troubled with some back pain and more shoulder discomfort.     For some time  I have looked on line  at  Massage Arm Chairs.  
They are not cheap , do they really do what  you expect of them ,  do they help with on going discomfort and   pain?
My family must have been secretly  watching me and my computer , because as a Birthday surprise they have given me a lovely Massage chair .   I was consulted before hand and it looked exactly like the ones I had been admiring.  
It arrived several days ago and has been assembled by a very competent  " Fixit  Lady"  she gave me the run through on how to work the controls and I sat back and had my first  Massage.   It was more than I had hoped or imagined. Very, very relaxing, just as the advertisements said , it can be set for 15 , 30 or 60 minutes. Even with some heat if desired,  perhaps in Winter.
With older age approaching I have  had troubled sleep , a couple of hours in bed , a couple in the arm chair , then back to bed .. until morning.   I have found only one move to the chair  was all that has been needed since the new Magic Chair. The main reason for writing this little article is to tell any of you  mature people that if you have difficulty staying comfortable all night  with no painful areas in your body  perhaps a Magic Chair is the answer for you too.

magic chair

We had bought several years ago a very fancy Adjustable  Bed for my late departed husband  , he found it very helpful  , I now wish I had thought of the  Massage Chair for him too , as he spent time  sitting in an arm  chair during the night.     I now use the  very comfortable Adjustable  bed  and the Magic Chair.  
What more could you ask for,   a comfortable,  if varied night's sleep,  a daytime  in an arm chair that is very comfortable and at the  press of a button a massage.    Think of all the extra jobs I  can do now that an aching back or a tender hip has been taken care of.      It has even got a holder for a glass so that Happy hour can be enjoyed without having to reach for the table.  
Fellow reader if any of you have problems sleeping, and need to change positions during the night , I can  say that my Magic Chair is the best present I could have asked for.   It has helped relieve the pressure on my shoulders and  I am feeling very free and relaxed.  They even have Office chairs that can do the same thing,  just think even while you are at the  computer  you could be spoiling yourself with a massage.  
 If you have looked and wondered about advertisements like I had in the  past ..
Go For It.     Don't put it off .   You won't regret it. 

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