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Green zealots infest all parties, the media, academia, education and the
business vested interests. They consistently oppose what works and promote
what won't.
Greens demand "Zero Emissions". Nuclear and hydro power are the only
practical "zero carbon" electricity options for Australia. Greens oppose
Greens worship "the environment", but support widespread environmental
destruction by bird-chopping windmills, land-stealing solar panels and their
inevitable spider-webs of roads and transmission lines. All to produce
intermittent energy that is forced onto distributers and consumers by
legislated targets, taxes, subsidies and mandates. 
Green policies support cutting forests in America to ship woodchips to UK
for burning in the DRAX power station. Other policies support growing crops
using diesel fuel for tractors, harvesters and trucks to produce bio-diesel
with less net energy than they started with. Not smart.

Greens support carbon capture and storage, fully aware  that this won't
happen without legislated subsidies, taxes and targets. They know that CCS
will favour their wind and solar toys by multiplying costs and energy waste
for coal, oil or gas generators. Big miners also love it because far more
coal or gas will be needed to produce the same electricity.
Most politicians now support "green" steel and aluminium, via zero-emissions
hydrogen. The hydrogen must be made by electrolysis of water or from
methane. Electrolysis is not feasible without the nuclear power they oppose.
And the methane route produces poisonous carbon monoxide plus more of the
carbon dioxide they dread. All processes use more energy than can be
generated from the products.
Australia's huge untapped resources of uranium and hydrocarbons are the envy
of the world. But their green tape, locked gates and death-by-delay
strangles all exploration and development.
And Green Guru, Ross Garnaut, thinks graziers should harvest kangaroos not
cattle. Let them do both.
Viv Forbes
Washpool Qld, Australia. 
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