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So the Nats decided to back a drongo who can’t manage the role of Acting Prime Minister and looks like a deer in the headlights every time he stands in front of a camera. They backed a “ little to be proud of “politician with as much gumption as a soy boy for Deputy Leader – how far the mighty have fallen.

Today’s vote for the leadership and deputy leadership of the once great National Party of Australia was a vote for conformity and towing a Party Line that would have been cut and thrown loose decades ago – two people with as much spine as a jellyfish crossing the crater lakes of Palau… which is no spine at all.

Have these Politicians no shame? Are they so whipped and cowered that they no longer have a voice of their own? Or is it that, like Judas, they will crease their palms with pieces of silver and betray their countrymen, their voters, their constituents and – for a cushy number down the track – sell their vote and bugger the country?

I am no fan of Barnaby Joyce’s morality. His treatment of his wife and family was appalling. His affair with one of his “ employees “ was reprehensible. He deserved to be punished for being a randy old bastard who fell prey to a saucy wench in a short skirt.

But let us all be honest here: men do have a tendency to make very big decisions with the smallest part of their anatomy. It has happened since time began and it will continue until time, as we know it, ends.

Or so my wife tells me.

His sin was bonking a staff member on his payroll and being caught out.

He has been sin binned for two years and replaced by a suit wearing, weak, ineffective lap dog who shows as much empathy for the bush as a limp leftie does for Miners. His off sider Littleproud identifies with the bush as much as a frog does with a lilypad – it is merely a place from which to jump to bigger and better things.

The Party that started back in 1913 in Western Australia as the Country Party was founded on protecting the rights of Australian Farmers. Over one hundred years later, it has sunk in to a shadow of its former self – a sycophantic group of hypocrites… save a few outstanding exceptions.

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Not only did McCormack let himself down, he let his voters down. He also let Scott Morrison down.

When The Prime Minister tried to grab 5 days – yes, 5 bloody days – of time with his family, he left his Deputy, Meek McCormack, in charge. What a disaster that was: McCormack was ineffective, weak, woefully incompetent and exposed the Prime Minister to criticism for having abandoned the Nation at a time of undue crisis.

Not ONCE did McCormack take charge. Not ONCE did he stand in front of cameras, inform the Press and the People that he was extending the Federal Government’s hand of assistance, that the Australian Defence Forces were on standby and ready to aid the States and the populations of those States.

Not once.

If I am wrong, I have not been able to find one speech or recording of him TAKING CHARGE.

HE THREW MORRISON under the bus. Why? Because he was nasty?

No. Because Meek McCormack is weak and bloody useless.

If I was Scott Morrison today, I would be, as the Aussies say, spewing. There was a glimmer of hope that he could get rid of the wanker who wrecked his 5 day break, has damaged his persona and popularity with the Australian People and potentially pissed off the vast majority of the People living west of the Great Divide and North of the Brisbane dickhead set.

The Queensland election is up for grabs in 2020. Queensland Nats are going to be pretty much spitting tacks after this vote.

The Queenslanders have lost Matt Canavan, the chance of a return to old fashioned Country Party values and objectives and it has given Trad and Pluckaduck a massive win for a public perception.

The Lib/Nats don’t give a bugger about what happens up north.


While the Katters continue to fight for Regional Queensland; while Pauline Hansen keeps soldiering on for farmers; while the emergent Bradfield Party promotes its vision for water for all of Australia; while Queenslanders are crying out for a voice in Canberra; while the Bushies lament the loss of their land, water, welfare and way of life – Littleproud and McCormack will wander aimlessly through the Canberra Swamp and disregard the most important factor in today’s decision.

Queensland voters will abandon the Lib/Nats and seek a voice from those who give a damn and a dam.

A Coalition of minor Parties may be our only hope.

In fact, for Queenslanders, it is our only hope.

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