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What a mad and insane decision by the Australian Judicial system.

Was this made because of our believed and beloved “ beyond reasonable doubt” or because no doubt is reasonable?

For myself, a non Catholic,  I believe that this stinks of Political corruption. It has nothing to do with Justice. It has nothing to do with Beyond Reasonable Doubt. It has nothing to do with what is Right, Just, Fair or even the rule of Commonsense.

It has everything to do with what THEY want, what THEY wish to have happen and all I can say is “ who are THEY? “

I wrote an article some months ago about this and I now believe it has nothing to do with anything other than what THEY want to have as the outcome.

Cardinal Pell is the Fall Guy and he should never have looked in to the finances of the Vatican. Bottom line, he did his job and he was and is being punished for it.

This man was probably one of the only decent and honest members of the senior clergy – he was delving into the dark financial dealings of the Vatican.

He has now become the fall guy to, like Christ, take on his shoulders, all of the sins of the Catholic Church… and the Vatican will see him suffer for being without sin.

This is how they justify it. Pell is the Fall guy and will suffer all manner of indignity and horror so as to allow the Catholic Church and the Vatican the ability to move on and carry on … it is beyond madness.

It is shameful. It is disgraceful. It is abhorrent.

Cardinall Pell is, in my opinion, being demonised so as to place a sacrificial lamb on the alter of public opinion and that will let the Catholic Church and the Vatican off the Hook.  Give them Pell, they think, and all will be forgiven. The third highest ranking official in the Holy Roman Church? Good Sacrifice.

What is the most important thing here is not that he was convicted and the conviction upheld is that the Vatican did NOTHING.

THEY threw him under the bus.

He is rather like Jesus and they are rather like Judas.

Truth versus Deceit.

For myself, I see Cardinal Pell as a man who is about to die on the cross for his church and his church is prepared to see him die to save itself.

I am not and have never been a Catholic.

I was brought up with no Religion but ended up a Methodist and a pretty crappy Methodist at that. I drink. I swear. But I do hold the fundamental beliefs of MY Region in place: Don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal: don’t screw around; don’t , in short, don't be a bastard.

Let us be fair. This is not about Religion. It is not about Pedophilia. It is not about Abuse.

It is about Power.

What frightens me is that the Australian Judiciary has allowed Power to overcome commonsense and THAT is the problem.

At what point and time will we ever see a return to commonsense, a world where “and reasonable doubt “ reigns?

I suspect that the Pell ruling is the beginning of the end of freedom in Australia, and the rest of the free world.

When the concept of the rule of Law “ Beyond Reasonable Doubt “  is over ridden by “ What we want as the outcome “  then I say, we are in a big mess of shite.

For myself, I believe that Cardinal Pell is innocent. That is my right. To believe that he is the Fall Guy and a man set up by both the Vatican and the so called Powers that Be.

I believe that he is innocent and that, like thousands of years ago, one day he will be seen as a good man with a good heart, a decent soul and a will to change the toxic culture of the Church.

I hope that he will appeal to the High Court.

It is time for good men to stand up and support good men.

I stand up for Cardinal Pell.

I believe that his only crime was trying to expose corruption within the Vatican and he is now being punished for his sin.  The sin of being right.

Like many people today in public life,

THOU SHALT NOT tell the truth.

If you do, you go to the gulag, and God help you, because no other bastard will.

It should terrify all of you: Truth is now the number one enemy in today’s modern world.

To speak the Truth. To speak with honesty, to express an opinion. That is absolutely this:


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