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Pauline Hanson, outspoken red headed firebrand Senator, honoured men in her little publicized but powerful speech in Australian Parliament. To a less than crowded room, she said what so many women today think, but are shouted down by militant feminazis for committing the crime of appreciating and honouring the “the everyday men” and thanked them for “working hard”.

Her was breathtaking for one reason: it will resonate throughout the world among under valued and under appreciated men as a rare ray of light in an ever increasing world of male bashing, abuse hurling and constant and unrelenting kicks in the guts for the men who are guilty of nothing, save decency and old fashioned traditional values.

She took aim at radical feminists declaring that they “ should be ashamed of themselves”.

Senator Hanson wished to “pay homage to the majority of men in Australia”.

“It’s not often that the dedicated and hardworking men of this country collectively get a pat on the back, as they deserve, so I’d like to do that now,”

Whooh, Nelly! A woman, a firey little Redhead who has had her fair share of being let down by men who betrayed her, undermined her and deceived her throughout her political career, has not lost sight of the fact that not all men are bastards.

 " Well done, men. You deserve to be honoured. I thank you.

“It is more often that we lift up women in this country. Men are widely regarded as toxic. That is wrong. The extreme majority of men are not toxic. They are good, they are caring.”

 Senator Hanson spoke about the current bush fires raging throughout Australia.

“While the firefighters, who are mostly male, were battling the blazes we had feminists telling us that after they fight the fires, no doubt exhausted, covered in sweat, ash and soot, and with their skin singed from the heat, they go home and beat their partners. What an idiotic suggestion.”



Pauline Hanson was referring to an embarrassingly inaccurate interview given by Sherele Moody, claiming that after fighting fires, many return home and inflict violence on their partners.

“After a cataclysmic event like this, domestic violence peaks. Women become extremely unsafe when, generally, the men return home from the fires and subject them to domestic violence" - Sherele Moody - Women’s Rights Advocate - Red Heart Campaign.

Moody said her claims were backed by research conducted after the 2009 Black Saturday fires in Victoria, although researcher Dr Debra Parkinson told 7 News the study never made specific findings about firefighters.

Our own Redhead wrote a powerful piece about this and we here at Patriotrealm have supported good men, honest men, decent men and hardworking men since our blog began just over a year ago.

Senator Hanson is refreshingly honest in a world full of women who view all men as vermin to be exterminated and denigrated for the crime of being male.

“I’ve also made it clear that I have had a gutful of hearing from man-hating feminists,” Senator Hanson told parliament.

“I believe in what is fair and just and I am sick and tired of this constant criticism of men in Australia, especially if they’re white.

“Why is there such an ongoing attack on the men of this country, especially those who show strength and masculinity.? Well, I’m not going to man-bash. There is no reason to do it. The vast majority of men are not toxic. They are loving, caring, respectful and hardworking and it’s mostly men who step up and face the flames, extreme heat … to fight the bushfires.”

Men throughout the world, please take note: There are many of us women out there, in the real world, who love you, respect you, admire you and thank you.

Senator Pauline Hanson’s speech may have been in Australia but it is a speech we need to hear around the globe. We need to hear it in America, Europe and Britain.  

Let’s face it, she should never have even had to make this bloody speech!

So we here at Patriotrealm join Senator Hanson and make sure that “ the dedicated and hardworking men …..collectively get a pat on the back, as they deserve”

So say all of us.

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