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deal with the devil

One of the great motivators for suicide bombers and Islamic Terrorists is that of Heaven with 72 Virgins waiting for them in order to while away eternity in a rapture of sex, lust and decadent delight. Or, so I am told.

This blind faith that spurs so many on to a quick exit from this life and on to the next has always fascinated me, but, on due consideration, this life has not been that flash for most of them. So perhaps the promise of better things ahead would act as a real incentive to speed things up and call it a day.

Some of our Politicians must have been promised something pretty neat to have them head for the off ramp and on to the highway to heaven . 


Why is someone like May or Morrison trying so hard to lose by committing Political Suicide on the one hand and, on the other, betraying their Party, their People and their Nations? Why? It is not as though their lives are miserable and of no value. They sup the finest food and wine; live splendid lives in splendid homes and enjoy wealth that is not necessarily obscene, but is still pretty damned good in comparison with the rest of us mere peasants.

So the quick exit cannot be because life is so horrible that it is better to shoot through quickly and get it over with. Which brings me to the 72 Virgins. What the hell have they been promised that is so marvellous, so tempting, so much better than what they already have?  Because it must be something very attractive indeed that has led them to throw everything away.

Theresa May is no fool. She must know that she is going to lose the Prime Ministership and that she will lose her seat at the next election. She must know that it will cost her Party that same election. She must know that Britain is going to die when it is handed over to the left wing socialist extremists who will fight over its’ dying body to be gnawed on and torn to pieces.

Is Scott Morrison doing the same thing?

His lack of decisive action, decisive words and decisive message is setting the Coalition up to fail. By adopting a dithering and soft limp wristed stance on the Paris Deal, Immigration, Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Coal, Farmers, Water, Electricity supply and price… Morrison wins no votes from the left but loses his base because he fails to speak for them. Even blind Freddy can see this. By kow towing to the left, he bolsters the left and alienates the moderates and the right. By openly attacking One Nation and Senator Anning, he is doing the left’s job for them. They need only sit on the sidelines and smirk whilst he makes home goal after home goal.

Without Barnaby Joyce at the helm of the Nats, he cannot rely on the historic Jeff and Mutt routine that the Coalition could play: the Liberals the voice of quiet reason and the Nats jumping up and down demanding a fair go for The Bush. McCormack couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag on a drizzly Sunday.

Will the Bush and the Regions turn their backs on Morrison’s indecision and conciliatory cowardice by voting precisely as he has warned them not to ? Vote ON, Shooters, Conservatives, Fraser Anning and even for Clive? ANYONE but the Canberra Bubble Brigade?

I simply cannot imagine someone from the bush driving an electric bucket ( with an extremely long extension cord ) down a dusty dirt road destined for Dirrinbandi … I just can’t.  They worry about being able to manage THEIR land the best way they can, without the Government telling them what tree they can clear, what land they can graze their stock on or what water, if any, they are allowed to use.

Morrison must have been promised one hell of a prize to get him to commit Political Suicide and detonate himself, his Party, his Government and his Country by throwing Australia to the Labor Lefties Wolves.

The question is What is it?

Because, sure as faith, it will not be something that comes free of a sting in it's tail.


Any thoughts?

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