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When I was a little kid, we used to go to fairs. We had this thing called the lucky dip. You would put your hand into a box of goodies and wonder what treasure lay within. Would it be wonderful? Would it be a disappointment? A booby prize? It was only after you grabbed a particular " treasure ", unwrapped it and gazed upon it that you would know if you had had a lucky dip or an unlucky dip. Such is life today. 

We are expected to participate in a lucky dip every day. Do I get the jab and risk blood clots or stroke, Bells Palsy or something worse like heart disease? All to regain the freedoms I used to enjoy? 

Or do I refuse to play and lose any chance of being free again, but know that at least I resisted? 

I am not so sure if it is a lucky dip or an unlucky dip. All I know is that it is a circus game I do not wish to play and that I am rather sick and tired of the circus we call government.

My daughter has been told that she will lose her job if she does not submit to the jab. 46 years ago, I bucked the system and would not vaccinate her at 3 months. My ex husband and my brother ( coppers ) told me that they attended too many sudden death infant syndrome within days of vaccination.

I waited, as a loving mother, and only got my girls vaccinated when they turned one.

I felt that by that time they could have a fighting chance. 

My love for my children was greater than my fear of government. 

Back then, in the 1970's, the writing was on the wall. It all came down to money and even then, the pharmaceutical cabal was raising its ugly head and showing us that a circus would soon rule our lives.

Flouride the first mass medication in history, entered our world. 

Since then. the circus has merely made a bigger arena and the performers more reality than the stuff of make-believe.

The circus is real and reality is just an illusion.

Talking of circuses, what the hell has happened to Sky News? I have just finished watching this so called interview on 26th October 2021. This has to be one of the most disgraceful pile ons I have ever seen on a so-called fair and balanced conservative news channel.

As one commenter said:

The news reader Tom Connell is a lefty, pro vaxx journalist. Senator Murray Watt is a typical Labor, pro vaxx, anti-government, climate change moron! Both are working towards medical apartheid and destruction of a free western society. They spread fake news and propaganda to suit the narrative of the New World Order

I tell you what, though: Senator Gerard Rennick stood his ground and he earned my respect and my support in that 15 minute charade that posed as news. It was nothing but Brown Shirt Media and a completely inexcusable example of propaganda and Big Pharma bully boy tactics.

The Liberal Queensland senator addressed several troubling cases where people suffered serious side effects from receiving the jab. Recently, Rennick spoke with a 37-year-old Australian female police officer who had a stroke fifteen minutes after receiving the “vaccine.” The severely ill woman was threatened if she did not receive a second jab, she would lose her job.

Next, he discussed a 19-year-old woman who is suffering from blood clots in her legs and lungs. She’s in the hospital after receiving the Pfizer shot last Thursday night, reported the Senator.

Senator Rennick also spoke with a 31-year-old man paralyzed on one side of his body since September. He has been without income for two months and had just taken took out a mortgage before he got the injection. Despite his injuries due to the first injection, the Australian government informed the man that he must still get a second shot.

It’s bad enough that people aren’t allowed to choose whether to take a vaccine. Still, it’s even worse than they’re forced to get a second vaccine after experiencing a severe side effect. Furthermore, the government doesn’t even offer financial support when they cannot work, exclaimed the Senator. He vowed to continue to fight to ensure people receive immediate income support for those who cannot return to work. source

Alan Jones will be glad to have seen the back end of Sky News Australia, and I wouldn't mind betting that Rowan Dean is headed for the chop or will get out before he is beheaded. Alan Jones probably saw the writing on the wall. 

When THIS happens on Sky News, you can bet your bottom dollar that the media in Australia is dead. It is now up to citizen journalists to " keep the bastards honest " and the few decent patriotic politicians to keep fighting. Because our government and media are so deeply in bed with the New World Order, Globalist mumbo jumbo Great Reset the " world is going to end unless we all get jabbed and live in a cave and turn into lesbian transgender leftie luvvie kale eating vegan communist cyber punk poofter perverts " ... well, we are all buggered. 

On 31st October, Senator Rennick posted this on his facebook account:

This evening I sent the following letter to the Prime Minister advising him that I will withhold my vote from the Coalition until a number of issues are dealt with.
To summarize briefly, people who have suffered injuries from the vaccine need immediate financial support. Some employees may get support from Workcover but this won’t cover everybody who has been injured.
The indemnity scheme needs to available immediately rather than start next year. Furthermore it should kick in from the first dollar and be open to anyone who has incurred an injury not just those who spent a night in hospital. This is important because people are being turned away from hospitals.
Vaccine mandates need to be lifted immediately. They should never have been implemented but they are going to cause so many issues including labour shortages, endless legal lawsuits, loss of livelihoods, discrimination etc. Most of all, people who have suffered injuries from the first jab should not be forced into getting a second jab. This is unmitigated cruelty.

Help us cover our monthly costs

$ 000 $ 500
29 days left,  0% Completed

Rapid antigen tests are a much better way to manage the risk of Covid. It’s beggars belief that Australia was shut down 18 months ago so that our health system could be ready to deal with a pandemic and now that hospitals are being overrun with vaccine injuries, staff are being dismissed when they are going to be needed the most.
I will work with relevant ministers in order to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Rennick explained that he would not vote with the government until he enacted several policies, including stopping all vaccines for children, overturning workplace vaccine mandates, and ending coronavirus domestic travel restrictions.

He is a man of integrity, guts and fierce patriotism. Personally, I hope he resigns from the Liberal Party and joins Craig Kelly in the UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY. His future with the Libs is not going to be that flash so he may as well bail out before they scupper his lifeboat anyway. 

Why Scott Morrison thinks he has a snowball's chance in hell of winning the next election when he keeps losing good people like Craig Kelly is beyond me. 

If he wins, it will only be because Labor was a bigger loser. When Australian politics comes down to be being governed by who is less crap, we have a problem. 

George Christensen is another loss who needs to regroup and join UAP. In fact, there are so many current, past and potentially future people with patriotism in their hearts and commonsense in their veins that if they would unite for Australia, we could actually have a fighting chance at a revolution in Australian Federal Politics.

Just think if One Nation, the Liberal Democrats, disenchanted Nationals and Liberals, disenchanted Labor representatives and outstanding folk like Warren Mundine, Jacinda Price and others all took to uniting Australia, we could actually do something quite extraordinary.

Campbell Newman, John Ruddick, Steve Dickson, Tony Abbott, Christian Porter, Avi Yemeni, The Aussie Cossack, Rukshan Fernando, Kirralie Smith, so many GOOD people who love Australia and could do so much good.

Riccardo Bosi is a force to be reckoned with - imagine what he could do with the financial backing to support the passion of his beliefs.

Can you imagine Peter Ridd in parliament? Environment Minister? 

I cannot help but think, as bushfire season approaches, that brush fires can be controlled when they are isolated. It is only when they join that they become an inferno that is too great to control.

We need to see the One Nation brush fire unite with the Katter brush fire. We need the Liberal Democrats and the wildfire of Riccardo Bosi to all gather together and tell these tired old political hacks to bugger off and know that the real men and real women are back in charge.


Coal and mineral resources are our national treasures and we should use them and celebrate their worth. 

We need to harness the water that falls in the north and bring it to the desert. We need to embrace the riches that Australia has been blessed with and rejoice in the fact that we have been given Dominion over one of the only nations on earth that are capable of self-sufficiency.

We have EVERYTHING we need to make us the richest nation on earth. All we lack is good governance.

Ecclesiastes 5:19

Furthermore, as for every man to whom God has given riches and wealth, He has also empowered him to eat from them and to receive his reward and rejoice in his labor; this is the gift of God.

So I am backing God on this and I believe we have the right to do as HE says. Let Australia enjoy the bounty we have and Morrison, who calls himself a Christian. needs to revisit his Bible.

Australia has uranium that can give us nuclear power. We cannot use it. Yet we export it to those who do.

We have lithium, used to make solar panels and batteries. We don't use it. We export it to those that do.

We have water and we sell it to those that profit while our livestock die of thirst.

Our land is rich and our wealth could make us the most enviable place on earth. Yet we sell it to the Communist Party of China.

And you wonder why the brush fires are breaking out and the two main parties are terrified. It is because they know that Craig Kelly could be our next Prime MInister.

The next Federal election is one of the most important elections in Australian history. 

Vote not for the party but for the philosophy. Vote for Australia. Vote for your RIGHTS. Vote for he or she who believes that Australia was given wealth and we should rejoice in this reward.

In other words, make us the Lucky Country again, because when it all comes down to it, we DID WIN the lucky dip and it is ridiculous that we are accepting the booby prize.


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