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 They came for our Churches and now they are coming for our jobs. But who are THEY?

The Enemy Within.

When a person can lose his job for quoting the most popular book ever written; the top selling book in all of history; the book that is the cornerstone of every Christian on this planet… when he can lose his job for quoting the Bible, things are darker and more dangerous than any of us could imagine.

I cannot comprehend how Qantas, an airline that had its roots in outback Queensland and the pioneering spirit of Australia,  can threaten to withdraw sponsorship of a team because a player quoted The Bible is nothing short of monstrous.  Hence my decision to withdraw MY support for Qantas.

 I have long been a fan of Rugby Union. It is my Kiwi heritage.  As a long time resident of Australia, I am torn between my love of the All Blacks and my support of the Australian Wallabies.

But, when an Australian Wallaby legend is looking at being fired for quoting The Bible, I wonder what the future holds  for Australia, my Christian background and my belief in freedom of speech. Firing  a star player for quoting a passage from The Bible on his own personal social media account?


Because, you see, it was Qantas who threatened to withdraw their sponsorship should this man not be “ punished “ for quoting The Holy Bible.

Why are they doing this? Because they can. In today’s world, Christianity and Judaism are fair game for hatred .  Yet adherents of Islam are a protected species. What the hell is going on?

This is more than a contract termination: this is an assault on Christianity and an assault on individual freedom to quote from The Good Book.

Some of you Over Yonder will not have heard of Israel Folau. An Islander from Tonga, a lay preacher in his Church, a star player in the Wallabies International Rugby and a man who values his faith higher than his love of his sport. A man who is in stark contrast to Colin Kaepernick: here is a man with a love of God and a love of his sport.  One man disrespects his country, his flag and his President and the other is fired for his love of his God? Come on.


I read an article about this fine Christian man on a website in New Zealand. It made me so bloody angry at the injustice. I encourage you to read it and feel the frustration at how dangerous this situation is.  

For me, Israel Folau epitomises the attack that is rampant throughout the world: the attack on decency, morality, Christianity and The Holy Bible.

It doesn’t matter if you are a practicing Christian. It doesn’t matter that you are an atheist or an agnostic, a Jew or a Moslem.

It matters that a precedent has been set: you can lose your job for quoting The Bible.

He did not take a knee. He did not make a statement or express his views: he simply QUOTED THE BIBLE.

What next?

Israel Folau is fighting this and he, in my opinion, has God on his side. This courageous man is standing up for all of us and I believe he needs, and deserves, our wholehearted support.


A devout Christian friend of mind had this to say:

We need to get behind this brave man and do as we were told in  John 3:17 “if anyone …. sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”

All I can say is Onward Christian Soldiers because we ARE marching to war. Who will be the victor will be is up to us.

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