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from one of my contributers who prefers to remain anonymous.

" I live across the fence from a Housing Commission set of flats. 

The father is a bastard of the enth degree. 

He treats his daughters like vermin. But that is OK because he is Indigenous.

Over the past years I have listened to a solo Dad telling his daughters to F off you f ing cts, and I have rung Child Safety and the Police. Apparently, that is OK because there are cultural differences and it is OK and jolly good.

Tonight he lambasted the girls again and it was too much to bear. I yelled out across the fence to stop being a bully and leave the girls alone.

I was told to F off and that he would come over and put a bullet through my head.

True story. 

Now, tell me. Is this fair? Should I accept cultural differences?

Perhaps I should lay on my belly and apologise for my insensitivitity?

How dare I question his right to abuse his children? (Though I find it hard to understand why he has two white daughters.. must be a cultural thing )

Bottom line: I have rung Child Safety over the years. Nothing can be done. I have rung Police. Nothing can be done.

I cannot understand why a man has the ability to verbally abuse his kids and no one does a damn thing.

The weird thing is that when I yelled over the fence to stop bullying the kids, the kids actually yelled back " Fuck off! "

And when " Dad " yelled back " I will put a bullet through your head " they cheered.

What can I say?"

Something wrong here. 

There is something very very wrong and nothing is being done about it. Apparently it could offend someone.

Well, it offends me that this is allowed to go on.

Oh and by the way, you son of a bitch, I have your details if something happens to this person. Put a bullet through their head, I know who you are. 











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