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As another man's life is torn apart by the rabid left and MSM, I am reminded of the story of the boy who cried Wolf. One day, people will simply stop believing ANY woman and that is a very dangerous situation indeed. 

Trial by Media must stop and stop now. Innocent until proven guilty is no longer part of the gameplay. It is guilty until proven innocent and it goes against everything our system of Justice stands for. 

Young girls make stuff up to suit their diary. I was one once. We met a boy we liked and we suddenly fell in love. He said something nice and we seized on it like a bee to nectar. When the boy said that " no one was ever prettier than you" or " you are so special to me " did it mean that he was going to marry us? Rubbish.

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Most of us knew it was to get into our pants. 

In an article published in The Australian, the woman who accused ­Attorney-General Christian Porter of rape described her recollections as “body memories” and suggested they may have resurfaced after many years while she was undergoing psychotherapy.

In a statement she wrote in June last year, the woman ­acknowledged that her memories of the alleged rape in January 1988 had a “surreal” quality, and described herself as being prone to dissociative mental states.

And, because of this surreal memory, a man has had his career, reputation and good name destroyed.

It is happening too frequently today and this Trial by Media frenzy of Guilty until proven innocent must be put to bed before it gets any worse.

Julian Assange faced years of torment over rape allegations from two women who, while they consented, said that he did not use a condom. Assistant Prosecutor Maria Kjellstrand ordered Assange’s arrest after police reported the women’s visit to the Police Station. The two women were interviewed and Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne found SW’s case should be closed, and AA’s allegations of molestation would continue to be investigated. “There is no suspicion of any crime whatsoever,” she said. full article here Was there a political motive behind these allegations?



Cardinal Pell was accused of raping two boys and was imprisoned before being released after the High Court ruled that he was innocent. As Patriotrealm wrote back then  " With the mood of the general public heavily in favour of believing the accuser rather than the accused, all semblance of the rule of Law was thrown out the window and " reasonable doubt " became " reasonable cause." 

Was there a political motive behind these allegations?

We have seen it happen with Judge Kavanagh in America. 

This epidemic of women crying wolf has set back the rights of decent women decades. As these false allegations increase, the likelihood that a legitimate complaint is heard and treated seriously will become less and less likely in my opinion.

I knew a young woman who was gang-raped and her trauma was REAL. This petty and vindictive behaviour by women with an axe to grind or personal mental health issues needs to stop and they need to think about the damage that they are doing to women like my friend. Back in the late 70's, she and her family endured the torment of 11 lawyers questioning her morality and her role in the 24 hours that she and her friend were held captive and mercilessly raped and abused.

When I was a young woman, of course a guy would try it on. 

It is human nature.

Give the guy a clip around the ears and he always pulled his head in.

It is called normal. These girls who were my classmates and peers are now tearing men's lives apart because of a kiss or a hand put somewhere? Decades on?


Back when I was 16 or so I was " handcuffed " to a kitchen sink in a flat occupied by 3 young men. Friends of my brothers.


I had to stay there until I did the dishes.
Did it traumatise me for the rest of my life? NO.

I will add that my brothers and the young men never hurt me or did anything other than play a prank.

The same guys took me out for dinner for my 16th birthday and fed me with a drink called a stingray - creme de menthe and vodka. One of them carried me home to my parents and handed me over and said " sorry. "

My punishment was to go to school the next morning with a dreadful hangover and I have never touched creme de menthe or vodka again.

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It is called growing up.

I remain friends with the boys who pranked me ( I still hate doing dishes, but who doesn't?

Can we please stop this nonsense and accept that when were young and foolhardy we were just young and foolhardy?

I find this whole nonsense absolute madness and it has to stop.

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