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What do I say? My son trapped in a room in a quarantine hotel in New Zealand and saying " Hopefully I will be free tomorrow" Because he came to see me in Australia and wants to go home and he was hoping to be free tomorrow and allowed to go home. And it is costing him $400 a day. Tested 5 times. All negative. 


This is NOT RIGHT. A person who is a health practitioner. non smoker, non drinker, locked up in a room for 10 days because he might pose a threat to people who have become so worried about threats that the only threat is the people who decided it was threat...what have we allowed to happen in our countries? 

2019... 2020.... 2021    up and coming 2022.   Better or worse.

A neighbour who has since moved away  said back in 2019 that the way we were being treated and activities curtailed she was losing confidence.     I wonder how that lady feels now, over 2 whole years later.

 Every month we feel that maybe things would start and improve, but no,  Victoria was the first to succumb  , lockdowns and masks , schools closed , then NSW followed suit and close on the heels of that Western Australia did its bit.   Queensland followed suit , I am not sure what South Australia did , but probably the same.

We have lived in this constant  - we might be able to lift the restrictions and  then -  sorry more of the same!!!!!
Can you believe that people are even going and having tests done to see if they are free of covid.   Queues of people  who want to  travel to another area and having to line up for a test.   Miles of cars , probably doing more harm to themselves confined on the road than  any little germ that might attack them.     Then when  they are given an all clear , someone tests positive for something and the lockdown begins again.   


Health workers, Doctors, Police, Fire fighters , Teachers everyone that has an essential job have been told , no jab no job,  many cannot afford to have no job so get the  injection.   It is now being brought to the attention of the MSM  that there are many adverse reactions to the vaccine ,  Heart  problems and deaths amongst the sports people , children also developing heart problems , which will never go away.     All sorts of reactions   occurring after either the 1st ,  2nd or the Booster jab. Through all ages,  but only recently have we been told that sometimes there is an adverse reaction.  


All we do is fight and try and get the latest that says we have a bug because it is trendy to say " I have had covid and I am glad I had the jab!"

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I am sure an awful lot of the anti vax hatred is because if I had the jab I am now a vulnerable person  and you anti vaxxed people are safe.   When is the adverse reaction going to happen to me?   this month  .. next year?  
What I cannot understand is that you have parents who are taking their little ones to have this very suspect vaccine .  One little one I read,  5 years old died minutes after having been injected.   That is just one reported in the papers.   How many oldies have been given the  treatment and died shortly after.  
Vaccines were given years of  trials and finally either scrapped or found quite safe for their purpose.   But this one was manufactured  and very shortly sold around the world to every Country willing to participate in its "trial"  Why?    How much money is it  lining the pockets of everyone connected to its sale.  How many Government individuals   are becoming wealthy  by promoting its benefits.?  Time is going to reveal  the outcome of these last two and a half years of these lockdowns and border closures.    Businesses going broke and people losing their homes through  no work  and  no shopping freely. 
On line has probably been the biggest winner in this cruel game  of restrictions.

May I  say  and may the good Lord help   … Please may 2022 be a decided improvement  and let us all get back to some pleasant days  of normal living and enjoyment.
Happy New Year everyone.  




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