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I have been thinking about the last 2 years … years that have progressively got more restricted  and everything that is fun,   laughter and  enjoyable has been eroded. I am very fortunate that my next door neighbours had a little son who was born in the covid quarantine but his parents allowed him to visit me and included me as part of his life. My neighbours are much more than neighbours.    They have become good friends. 

My neighbours are from overseas. They speak English as their second language and they have a lovely little boy who is coming up two years old.

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It was the husband who heard my cry for help when  I fell through a brittle plastic stool that I had been standing on.. He came to assist the gorgeous Redhead next door and managed to get me back on my feet.   
Since then. we have enjoyed a friendly relationship and I have enjoyed the news that a new baby was on the horizon and then seeing that little fellow grow and prosper in a protected and loving environment.
I read about  other States and the dreadful treatment   some of the  people have had to endure.     Especially the children.   Locked out of school , away from their mates , away from participating in sport, and most of all away from their teachers and organized school lessons, which brings me to memories of better days.
Fortunately, this little boy has grown up in a community that is small but loving.
He came into my home today to play the piano and , look into my cupboards and poke about.  I saw him in my home and thought to myself wasn't it lovely when we went on picnics to the beach  or to a pretty park  with the little ones. 

They would run around , paddle in the water , have a  swing on the swings and chase  one another and such excitement when Daddy chased them  and caught them with a big hug.   How much of that has been happening these last 2 years.  

But he gives me great joy. This little fellow, who smiles and laughs and giggles and brightens my day. And is ready to take on the world as the next great soccer champion. 

I get so much enjoyment from him. He is now nearly 2 years old .  What a delight he is.   He has a special name for my old Jack Russell ,but that is our secret.    He loves to come and visit  .   First it is in the gate,  then down the  walkway and into the front door where he knows which cupboards to open , which knob to turn on for  the radio , then he looks for the cat  . He loves the teddy bears that recline on the spare bed, a collection that my husband used to buy for the dog but I said, " nothing doing" they are too special to be shaken by the Jack Russell.    We all know what treatment they would have got from him.

Finally , he comes to the piano,  points his finger and up comes the lid  out comes the piano stool and he is seated  ready to demonstrate  his musical ability.   He doesn't bang but with one index finger he plays notes all over the keyboard.       

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photo for illustrative purposes only

He also goes to Soccer classes with other little fellows, they kick a ball around , what a wonderful eye and foot coordination.   I spoke to a friend who has a little fellow around  4 and he said they have to wait until nearly school age before they can go to soccer lessons.     This little next door fellow has special socks , and a   shirt with his name and number on the back  and a fancy  hat.   That is true joy.  
 I found this online - I thought everyone might enjoy it.

This little boy, a covid child, has such a small vision of the world. But at least it is a kind and happy world and one in which he is loved by all who know him.

My one big wish is that we will be able to turn the clock back to the days when kids are all as lucky as the little fellow next door.   Down the beach playing in the sand , enjoying the clean fresh  air , off to kiddies soccer lessons , playing with the old dog, and even blowing me a kiss goodbye after his visit.
With Christmas just around the corner  ,  it would be lovely to think that maybe someone will pull the plug on all these restrictions and lockdowns and visits from families  will be back in favour , freedom of movement , freedom to speak our minds , freedom to enjoy life again.  
Most of all, I would love this little boy to live a normal life and continue to visit me.

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Mind you, my piano suddenly seems to want to play songs about soccer. I wonder why? 

But, being a Rugby Union fan, I do hope my piano stops wanting to play songs about soccer.
Let's get back to what is important. Children playing sports, having fun and being part of a team.   But never forgetting that they are always individuals. 
Just like me.
And, of course, being a good neighbour. 
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