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Neighbours when you get a bad one move into the street  it     effects everyone.  

A bit like neighbouring countries, really.

Doesn't it make you realize how much we depend on our good neighbours.   The call for help, I am going away for the weekend can you bring in the bins.   I am going to be gone for the school holidays can you water my pot plants and a few special things in the garden.   Oh and my mail , can you collect my mail .  We are only too happy to oblige our good, helpful, friendly neighbour because they do the same for us  or their neighbour .  







Neighbours sit somewhere comfortably between friends and acquaintences.    But,  a different story when the aggressive, chip on the shoulder fellow moves in.   He  has plenty of money , buys the biggest  caravan and parks it on the street , blocks the view of everyone both up and down the  roadway.    Then the complaints roll in,  He digs his toes in even further.    Falls out with the closest  and all the  ones down from him.   Finally the Council is called.    Sorry buddy , says the Authority  ..   better get it moved.   

Oh the  cries of discrimination , how unfair.

Now I have to pay storage.    I know what I will do,  I will sell my house and move somewhere else and upset a new set of people in my new neighbourhood. !!  

Garden gnome perpetual kid

Of course the house has been filled with all sorts of unnecessary  things the yard has been cluttered with new sheds , fancy extras and nobody wants to buy it.    This unhelpful and mean spirited neighbour does not move, he gets more objectionable  .   He annoys the   ex friends and   helpful people even more.    He deliberately does things that  he knows will upset and  make life more difficult for those around him.   We all have at some time experienced a similar person.  


Then you get the  nice people who say I think rural might be the answer I will get away from these difficult and annoying  people .. acreage that will solve this  problem.  and another  kind,  decent  person disappears from the street.       We have all experienced the neighbour from hell that I am talking about,  he could be the one who abuses his family ,  he could be the one that has a dog he likes to Lord it over and treats it with  cruelty .  Or has the back yard that never gets tidied or looked after.    Unfortunately we have all experienced this misfit in society  and all pray that he departs and we can  get back to normal.   Why can't he be like the rest of us , kind , helpful and neighbourly.

Neighbourhood bullies exist in every street and every region.   It is up to us as good neighbours not to let the bullies take over.


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