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What kind of country are we turning into? 

Several rescue dogs being kept in a pound while waiting to be saved by a shelter have been shot dead by a New South Wales council in Australia, as part of their strategy to prevent COVID-19 spread. The dogs were shot and killed to make sure volunteers who were coming to pick them up would not endanger the town.... which has had no covid cases. Go figure.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Bourke Shire Council (in north west NSW) killed the rescue dogs to stop volunteers from an animal shelter in Cobar from travelling into the area. According to the Office of Local Government, the council did so as part of a strategy to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 through people travelling to rescue them.

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“OLG (Office of Local Government) has been informed that the council decided to take this course of action to protect its employees and community, including vulnerable Aboriginal populations, from the risk of COVID-19 transmission,” a spokesman from the government agency said.

Cobar hasn’t reported any positive COVID-19 cases yet, though traces of the virus have allegedly been found in the area’s sewage system.

The OLG spokesman said the agency was probing the incident to ensure that no animal cruelty laws had been broken.

A source told SMH that the shelter volunteers are distressed by what happened and had Covid-safe measures in place for the pick up. The source also reported that one of the dogs was a new mother.

The Office of Local Government issued advice to all councils about operating pounds during the pandemic, saying that pounds should update their procedures to make sure these services continue, while still keeping staff and volunteers safe.


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“Councils are also encouraged to continue to work with re-homing organisations and volunteers to care for animals, where that can be undertaken consistent with NSW Health advice,” the spokesman said.

In July, the agency said pounds and shelters could remain open to the public during the pandemic since people involved in animal welfare are authorised workers in locked-down areas, which begs the question as to why the council felt it fit to shoot the dogs.

As one person commented online 

" As an animal lover, this breaks my heart. So many things do lately, but this... To kill innocent dogs in cold blood, rescue dogs at that, in order to "protect others"... it's evil. Demonic. These rulers truly have no souls and have proved what they are willing to do to the people."

If they're willing to look into the eyes of an innocent Dog and put a bullet in their head just to stop YOU from caring for them.... guess who's next? 

 Oh, that's right - they are already doing it.

On the weekend, thousands marched on Melbourne's CBD to protest the never-ending state of lockdown.

Police tried but failed to stop the mass gathering from going ahead.

Outside state parliament, a police line was quickly broken with protesters once again overwhelming officers.

The heavy-handed response by police has been widely criticised online.

"Free Australia" was trending on Twitter as police deployed pepper spray, fired rubber bullets, and tear gas into crowds of unarmed protesters and media in Melbourne.


This is no longer about a virus or a vaccine. This is about control and freedom. This is about demoralising us and dehumanising us as a nation. 

Our truckers are angry as well.

A threaten made by QLD Premier Palasczcuk to require truck drivers and other key workers to be vaccinated before entering the state will backfire if the truckies have their way. Truckies have had enough of state governments abusing them and are suggesting a Queensland border blockade that will be expanded to ports and other states.

 "This woman who thinks we have to get vaccinated to enter or exit Queensland has got to be kidding.... we must all come to a halt. Don't go out and get the vaccine like a f.... moron – it's unproven, and no one knows what the long-term effects will be," said one truck driver. ( Bluey Fiesta)

“Because we drive trucks and sit for extended periods of time, there is a high probability that we will get clots,” the driver said. “There is no reason for us to acquire this shite (vaccines). Every day, we are put to the test. At the end of the day, man, enough is enough... observe how well Queensland functions with no freight entering or exiting.”


Truckie “Bluey Festa” is not a happy camper over state government attempts to force vaccination on truckies and school students.

Australia has gone to the dogs. 


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