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from @Davidpe39069370 David Pepper

Australia has always been a compassionate country, maybe too compassionate sometimes.

Lately, we have been ignoring the needs of our own citizens, not building for the future, not holding onto the clever individuals, letting other countries benefit from our intellectual property.

We’ve been blessed with many smart people, people with ideas that would give us an advantage against our neighbours. But we let them all go and we don’t follow through with anything.

 The minute that the Government gets involved everything stops, no clear answers given, no will to invest in local enterprise.

Australia doesn’t manufacture much anymore, everything is offshore, we have the resources but no it’s too hard to develop and refine.

Let someone else do it?

Maybe if someone else manufactures and refines it our Co2 emissions will be low?

Have we all been conned by successive governments of both parties, sold our souls to be part of the GLOBAL movement?

We are such an easy touch;  we elect politicians and sit back and say it’s all up to you.

No scrutiny, no please explain why we can’t build infrastructure, why it’s too hard to build base load power stations, accepting oh we’ll have an enquiry and then another one, and they drag on and before you know it another election.

Nothing gets done.


We procrastinate on social media about the ignorance of the vocal minority – you know the old saying “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” the utter crap spewing out of their mouths, climate change, the end of the world, capitalism is going destroy the world, we need and want socialism.

These people are braindead.

 Our education system has been taken over by intellectual buffoons, now we have a generation of uneducated people who don’t know how to think for themselves, they only know to follow the science.


Very few still understand that everything needs to be tested and proven.

Nothing will change until push comes to shove, the quiet Australians ( I now hate that term) have to get off their backsides and not ASK  but TELL the government and it doesn’t matter which party, we voted you in, get off your arses and do what we want, not the UN or anyone else.

I’ll guarantee you that President Trump would tell the UN or anyone else to piss off.

Guess what Scomo you can do the same and you have our permission.

Act now or say you aren’t up to the job and we’ll find someone else.

We the voters must accept responsibility for the lazy , out of touch leaders we elect.

We need to stop pointing the finger and do something, protest, if the left can why can’t we?

Are we just full of words, threats, without substance?

Are we afraid no one would turn up to a protest?


Being counted on Election Day is anonymous, no being out there and being confronted, exposed.

We haven’t pushed the government hard enough to help our farmers, have they been forgotten because of the bushfires?

The Bradfield scheme needs to be done now, not sent to another enquiry.

There are third world countries that have water infrastructure projects, and it’s too hard for us?

Nuclear power now

Nuclear subs now

Develop onshore oil now and become self sufficient

Precious earth material

Australia it’s time to stand up

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