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Over the years, I have witnessed the decline of community standards when it comes to tolerance of the intolerable. The acceptance of the unacceptable and the selective honesty when it comes to judging our community outrage. … depending on the colour of our skin or the organs that lie between our legs or the age of the person whose body they are attached to.

I have been and am an enthusiastic supporter of people like Jacinta Price and Josephine Cashman. Two Indigenous Australian women for whom I have enormous respect and admiration. When I hear the passion voiced on Paul Murray Live the other night, I have to wonder how much lower we will sink before SOMETHING IS DONE?

To learn that an indigenous Australian woman in an isolated community is 80 times more likely to be hospitalised due to having the shit beaten out of her than other women in Australia is a disgrace.

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While Australian politicians and the media and political and human rights activists sup their wine and laud the likes of Bruce Pascoe; march for the closure of Ayers Rock ; while Indigenous men can get pissed on white grog and become mindless on white drugs – funded by white welfare payments; while Australian women march to defend the right to abort a human being capable of breath and activists can burn our flag for “ art “ ; while these things happen and little children are infected with syphilis and women are beaten within an inch of their lives; while this happens, why on earth do you think that Australia has a hope in hell of surviving this so called Cultural Revolution?

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Can someone, anyone, explain to me how anything can change while we have a Federal Government and State Governments who think that throwing more money at the problem will make it go away?

In fact, has it made it worse?

It is like the education crisis we see throughout our Nation right now: kids cannot read or write, hold a pencil correctly, spell simple words or use simple grammar; are not taught the sheer wonder of our historic roles in forming and defending this place we call HOME ; the acceptance that Australia is a land of extreme weather – always has been and always will be – throwing money at the problem is not the answer.

Creating quotas in parliament is ludicrous. This is not an issue about sex, sexual preference, age or political faction point scoring.

We need to become One Nation, as Pauline Hanson so bravely declared all those years ago.

One Nation means having a shared sense of right and wrong; shared laws and shared ideals and values.


When we allow one part of our society to splinter off and, under the guise of cultural or religious differences, we are deliberately fracturing the very fabric of our society and the foundations upon which it has been built.

Islamic demands for representation of their culture in Australia are a recipe for disaster as far as social cohesion and unity is concerned.

One Nation, One Australia, One People and One set of rules for All.

Indigenous women being abandoned to violent abuse because it is deemed wrong to “ interfere “ in cultural practices is as absurd and abhorrent as it is when we turn a blind eye to child marriage in Islamic and Indigenous ways of life.

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Are we a united federation of states, ruled under a set of laws founded by the Magna Carta and gestated in the warm embrace of the right for all to be defended, protected and allowed to prosper?

Or have we sunk so low that the minority voice of political activisim has blindsided our parliament, our media and our consciences to such an extent that, throwing a few bucks in a beggars bowl, we can walk on and feel good about ourselves?

For myself, this Military Memory Month has been about so much more than a trip down memory lane, as it is for many of you.

It is like we are becoming grounded again and seeing what we used to stand for and what used to matter.

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What do we stand for these days? Do we no longer care or are we too afraid to care?

That worries me a great deal. 


Standing side by side and arm in arm and defying forces that sought to defeat our ways of life.

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We used to care. We looked after our own. What has happened to us as a Nation? When did we stop caring or be allowed to care? 

Have we become so frightened of what will happen to us if we say or do something wrong that we ignore those that are wounded and desperate that we throw another coin in the begging box and hope it goes away?



We must stand up to our parliament and parliamentarians; our bureaucrats and our media. We must support those who support us and fight alongside those who need our help.

Together, we cannot fail.

We must not. We cannot.

So what the hell can WE do?

Is it time to get out of our trenches and go over the top and fight?

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