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 After the fear and anguish of the anticipation of a Labor victory in the election of Saturday, I slept a relieved sleep that we had been spared the horror of a Socialist takeover of Australia.

But that victory was somehow tarnished by the defeat of some of our most outspoken and important heroes: Tony Abbott, Jim Molan and Fraser Anning.

It was almost a hollow victory. One that gave us the win but also gave us losses that are too important to ignore. Our three most vocal opponents to climate change, immigration, restriction of Australians to be Australians in their own Nation; all gone.

As I watched Tony Abbott give his concession speech, I saw a man who, regardless of his grace, good will and fair mindedness – a man who was always too nice to be in Politics – I could not help but want to give him a bit of a kick in the backside. I wanted to say “ Tony, for crying out loud, stop being so bloody nice! “ . And that in itself is a terrible thing. That I actually wanted him to be a bit more of a mongrel and a bit more of a bastard is a sign that things are on a trajectory that is frought with danger. I am criticizing him for being too decent. How sad is that?

Tony said he would prefer to be a loser than a quitter, hence my headline. To lose was preferable to giving up without a fight.

Jim Molan is a decent man. A Patriot. He served this country and formulated the plan that stopped the boats. Yet his State branch put him at the bottom of the Senate list in order to favour women with no experience… all in the interests of diversity. So much for meritorious appointments ladies.


Fraser Anning was an outspoken and forthright Senator for Queensland. He had a bit of the mongrel in him. He called a spade a spade and was never backwards in coming forward. In spite of this, he is a decent man. Fraser Anning, in his own way, is much like Israel Folau. Both men spoke their minds and ruffled leftie feathers. Neither man backed down from their beliefs. Yet they both lost.


These “ losers “ didn’t quit, but they still lost. And Australia lost when these voices were shut down by identity politics, hate campaigns and the sheer might of the leftist forces that sought to destroy them.

It is still our loss. Their loss and the loss of people who share a common thread in their respective personnas: decency and honesty.

Yes, we are celebrating a return of the Morrison Government. But in all honesty, Morrison did not win. Labor lost.

Quite what the Coalition do with this stay of execution is now up to them: will we see an end to PC blackmail? Will we see Adani proceed? Will we see a withdrawal from the Paris Agreement? Will we see a return to the decency and honesty that our losers defended?

We may have won this battle, but I can assure you that the war has only just begun.

And it is probably going to be the greatest war that Australia has ever fought. Mark my words, the left will be marshalling their forces and plotting their next strategy and it will be up to Morrison to become the Commander in Chief.

I hope and pray that he can grab some of Jim Molan’s experience in war, Fraser Anning’s commitment to confronting reality and Abbott’s commitment to the truth.

It’s over to you Scomo. You are at war and I don’t want a loser or a quitter at the helm in these troubling and turbulent days ahead. I want a winner and a leader with the guts to confront the enemy  that threatens our very future. Like Trump, you are in for a rough ride.

Choose your friends wisely and watch your enemies. Because they are out to get you and to get the Australian people who have entrusted you with our future.  

This is the beginning, not the end, and, as Winston Churchill said

“ …. we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be.” Take heed Scomo. We are depending on you.


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