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When is all this nonsense going to be stopped !   It doesn't matter what  news item you read , what blog you follow , it is all the same  … things going on in this World today and I mean not just one particular place but everywhere that is so foreign to most of us .

We have just been made aware of a new Bill hopefully being passed that will disallow  a little baby who has been aborted  but is still alive  to be left by itself to cry and finally die .   Time … anything from an hour to 10 or 12 hours  and if that is not murder I would like to know what it is.     The mere fact that abortion  occurs in the first place is criminal .   Ladies .. make up  you mind in the first 3 months , do  you want this little baby  if you don't,  then is the time to say unfortunately remove this little growing creature.   Not wait until it is fully developed.   How can the medical staff  deal with this dreadful practice.?

Now we have had numerous reports of rape.   Many years later.   How can anyone prove one way or the other .  Just about without exception we find that it is a woman telling lies with  regard to the whole  sorry business.   She doesn't seem to get her name printed , she doesn't suffer the  destroyed reputation , the poor chap does.   How can a chap prove he didn't do such a deed , he can say  and most of us believe him  but his career and family have suffered  something that none of us would like to even imagine.   Just look at Cardinal Pell. 

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What has lead us to this situation where nasty females  get so vindictive they have to destroy someone who has  made a name and a career for himself.    Women today have a lot to answer for,   they tell lies and seem to get away with it every time.   Even when later on in the enquiry   when they admit they told a lie, what happens to them.????  Do they go to prison?   But we all know what has happened to the poor chap … Total humiliation for everyone in his family, and  ruined for the rest of his life.


Then we get to the banned books for kids.     Stories that have been read to little ones for years, fun and laughter  , of course a lot of imagination  and  things that were not exactly true , fairies,  animals that can talk, but enjoyable  to the little ones.   They know  Shaun the Sheep is not real but it is lots of fun.   They know that  big Giants don't exist ,  they know that Skippy the Kangaroo is just lovely fun.  Why spoil this innocent time of their lives .

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Then of course we get to the other side of life with the young ones.   Are you a Boy or a Girl?  


Oh dear,  you kicked a football , you must be a boy .. let's start hormone treatment ,   Oh dear did you say you liked to dance,  you must be a Girl... better get you to the Doctor and start some treatment.      We have to put an immediate stop to all of this stupidity  and put a limit on the age that any of this treatment can be put into action.   It has to be done with only the  permission of the person involved  and they have to be at least 18 years of age.  

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Why are we  taking notice of the minority  ,  all of them are disturbed in some way.    We must   get back to  honest and what was  once  considered normal behaviour or we can say goodbye to  happy  children  , we can say goodbye to fair and  correct legal outcomes,  and we will have to live with the horror of uncared for and dying babies.  

Is this what we want for our future?   

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