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There is no climate crisis Adam Bandt. There is a crisis in stupidity and lack of critical thinking. Let the cattle graze in National Parks; let the landowners manage the land they love and stop worshipping at the altar of cultist indoctrination.

You worship a 16 year old girl from Sweden who has never stepped foot in Australia and you worship a man who does voice overs for greenie shows about the “ climate crisis “ – both of whom know about as much about the Aussie bush and the Aussie Spirit as Malcolm Turnbull knows about Loyalty.

You and your party ignore FACTS. Over and over again, you recite the mantra something that I thought died out when mental health care came in – “ The End of the World is Nigh “ spouted by a bedraggled homeless man who stood on a soap box or street corner, waving a placard and preaching his sermons of lunacy.

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