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On the 19th of February 1942, the isolated northern city of Darwin in Australia was bombed by the Japanese. Back then, it was a small isolated outpost at the top end of Australia and represented the last post of defence of Australia against the Japanese. It is probably still the last post in Australian Defense. The Port of Darwin is leased to China. 

While our forces, along with the Americans, defended our Nation against the threat from " the yellow peril " our boys slogged their guts out on the Kokoda Trail, in the deserts of North Africa and the horror of the European War. Our country was left rather defenceless and we mucked on, carried on and did our bit to make do and mend. As did our Kiwi mates, our Yankee mates and our Pommy mates.

Now THAT, WAS WHEN WE WERE ALL IN IT TOGETHER? That was when the words meant something

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