I signed up with disqus some years ago, long before I made this website. I, foolishly, thought that if someone was a disqus user, they could automatically post on my site.

Not so, it would appear. Apparently, disqus over rides everything in your own site settings, should it decide to do so. 

I may be wrong. If so, f you anyway. I tried to register a new account today and I just about went mad.If I see another picture of a bridge, a car or a traffic light I think that I will lose my mind.

So why use a commenting system that censors me and my users before they get a chance to even comment? 

I have wiped disqus and decided to go with my own independent system. I am in control. Not disqus. Not some third party that cares nothing for my website, my beliefs or my views. So stuff you disqus. 

Let's see how an independent commenting system can work and be up you for censoring people trying to register for my site.


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I have just spoken with my Mum about my Dad and, over the telephone, and we have enjoyed a trip down memory lane about Old Times.

Dad passed 4 years ago and, as much as he has gone, he is still with us. Everyday.

We both had a drink in our hands, and started to talk about what made my Father the man that Mum misses and I miss so much. We wanted to paint him as a man who we love because he was so kind and decent. After a few more snifters , we decided that our gorgeous man was simply a Man. Yes, a Man.

You know the guy: the one who is no longer wanted, needed, regarded or respected.

After all he is just a man and a mysogonist prick because he is not gender fluid or PC these days. 

( photo not my real Dad!)

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I have been scanning the news from across the Western world and it is just more of the same. Everything seems to be about someone trying to shut down someone or something.

Whether it is femininazis trying to shut down men; homosexuals trying to shut down heterosexuals; socialists trying to shut down freedom of opinion; kids being brainwashed about gender; you name it, the airways are full of hatred of everything conservative and traditional.

Never in the history of our Nations have we seen such brazen bias and manipulation of our history and our cultures.

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I read an article on Australian media this morning about an older Australian in Broome in a “ home “. This person had maggots in the mouth. Yes, maggots. Crawling, inside the mouth. Creeping out through the lips and this elderly person lay, unable to do a thing, and no one gave a damn.

Please read that sentence again. Over and over again.  Because that is you or your Mother or Father, somewhere, anywhere, in Australia or New Zealand under this set of caring Governments that we now “ enjoy. “

Well, I have had it. I have an older relative, and she – and  I  have determined  that there is no way on this earth that we will ever end up in a so called “ care “ facility. Because there is no care and it is just a facility that keeps bodies alive with no regard for the folk that reside within the failing bodies that they call “ themselves.”

I feel very strongly about this. Abuse of older people in care homes is rampant. They are not care homes. They are “ I don’t give a shit “ homes. I spoke with someone today who visited an older relative in “ care “ and the lady had not had a fresh nightie or a bath in a week. A week. A WEEK.

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What a shock I got when I read that Philip Arps was sentenced to 21 months inside the Big House for posting a video online after that day in NZ history that we will never forget or be allowed to forget.

Is he a bastard or an “ alt right “ crazy? Who is he? Do I care? No, not really. What I do care about is that that he was sent to prison for posting objectionable material on line.

What on earth is objectionable material?

To me, it is something like an episode of " My Little Pony"  with two lesbian ponies. I find that objectionable. Others do not. That is the way of a FREE Society.  We all have different tolerance levels, different measure sticks and different taste buds. Is a curry too hot? It depends on your taste buds.

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All over the western world, the United Nations is forcing countries to accept foreigners who claim to be refugees but are nothing more than economic country shoppers looking for a good deal. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of it.

I am sick and tired of seeing my country damaged and drained of money and our cultural identity because our so called Leaders are too weak to just say “ No. “ What is wrong with them? Why are they allowing and almost encouraging the theft of our heritage and hard fought for sense of Self?

Just look at America. In a few short decades, it has gone from being all about Apple Pie to all about Tacos. In Australia, it has gone from being about a Roast Lamb Sunday lunch to a kebab and hummus – while in Britain the fish and chips has morphed in to a curry take out.

What frightens and annoys me the most is that the City folk embrace this cultural theft and the people in the Country still try to hold steadfastly to the old traditions and values. We are becoming Nations divided and our Governments have endorsed and encouraged this Great Divide.

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There is a thunderstorm rolling in. The rumble is in the distance, but it is nonetheless on its way. There is a threat of rain and I keep looking out the window to see what will happen. Do I shut my windows and doors before it hits? Or do I let the breeze come in and enjoy the air that is blowing in from the storm that is brewing? Yet the thunder rolls and becomes louder and I wonder how long I should wait before “ shutting up shop. “

The lightening is just a flash of light on the horizon and the rain merely a scatter. But the storm is coming. And I am unprepared.

I can feel the tension in the air and it makes me wonder if I am about to get a downpour. Am I seeing the start of a storm that no window or door, no fence or lock can resist? I feel that a storm is upon us and it is gathering strength.

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It’s a pretty fair bet that Trump will romp home in 2020 – the Democrats are hard pressed to find a candidate to challenge – unless they do as I suggested back in April that they may bring in a late entrant… but, on the current offering, it looks like a slam dunk. Barring voter fraud, George Soros and the Arkancide factor.

That arkancide factor is the biggie – if Trump ends up committing suicide by strangling himself, shooting himself in the back of the head and then throwing himself in front of a bullet, then America will be in Civil War and the election will be the least of the problems facing USA in 2020.

Assuming my favourite President of all time is able to withstand the hatred, the BS and the mud, he will be President until 2024. But what then?

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Put an ad online and in the paper with a headline of “ Free Work boots! “

 You see, all Lefties love free stuff. How on earth would they cope with a pair of free work boots? Would they still grab a pair and put them in the closet? Or would they turn them in to a fashion accessory? Probably the latter. I can see them now – wearing their rainbow hair, nose piercings, tattoos and sporting a pair of work boots as they sashay down to attend the latest “  mumbo jumbo my mother should have aborted me and that is OK “  rally . (apologies to Mr Gormsby.)

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