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The leading British war historian, Liddell Hart, wrote in his book Through The Fog of War, published in 1938, referring to Monash:- Perhaps the strongest testimony to his capacity is the distance he went in spite of a tremendous compound handicap of prejudice, due partly to his Jewish origin, partly to the fact that he was an amateur soldier….                                                                                                                                    _________________________________________________________________________

Monash had no ambition to become a permanent soldier. He was a civilian at heart and wanted to return to that role. He did harbour thoughts of obtaining high office as a state Governor or even Governor General but his immediate future was cast when Bean visited Hughes and suggest he put him in charge of repatriation. Hughes is reluctant describing Monash as “a showy Jew” and preferred Birdwood who he described as “a man of kindness”. Bean persisted on the basis of Monash’s demonstrable organisational abilities.

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