Between the United Nations and our over zealous Governments, we appear to be protecting the Rights of the few over those of the many.

The Right of the Woman over that of an unborn child. The Right of the homosexual over that of the heterosexual; the Right of the refugee over that of the Citizen; the Right of the Moslem over that of the Jew or the Christian and the Right of the offended over that of the tolerant.

How can we, the silent majority, become victorious?  Will we allow ourselves to become victims? 

It is up to us.



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When Barack Obama and his … wife …. Bought an ocean front property at Martha’s Vineyard, the world went a bit crazy. After all, it was the Barry /Barack/Obama/Soetero guy who announced back about 10 years ago that the oceans were rising and we had to do something to stop this inevitable disaster that was about to turn us into the second coming of Noah.


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Who do you support? Men and women or non men and non women?
Think about it.
Diversity is killing us.

Every day, we are embracing men who want to be women and women who want to be men and all the while, I have to ask…

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A few years ago the only scooter in our area was my late husband's Mobility scooter.   Registered with the  Transport Department , all legal and  above board.   ( Australian vernacular for legal for those of you unfamiliar with our turn of phrase  )

The Mobility Scooter as a mode of transport is usually owned by someone who used to drive a car  and is aware of the dangers and is much more alert.   


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I belong to the group known as baby boomers – the ones that lived through the “ burn the bra “ and early feminist days of the pill, the equality of the sexes and the general liberation of women from the kitchen.  At the time, I did not realise that my life had gone from one of comfortable domesticity to one of 5am starts, 10 pm finishes and a pay cheque that largely went to childcare providers.

As a woman, I was proud of what we achieved then. But now, I am not so sure we did anything other than bite ourselves in the bum. And in turn our menfolk in to pawns, pansies and poofters.


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Were they were not so sad, those espousing the idea of massively created, and thereby possibly cured, climate change by human beings would be belly-laughable.

Take a few examples.

Several large groups of caring, concerned Planet Earth supporters decide to protest. They contact each other by cell phones and computers, both of which require Earth harming batteries and other difficult to recycle items.

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Life has become so bloody miserable that I feel like a stranger in my own Australia.  I am supposed to apologise for a crime I did not commit 200 years ago; I am supposed to apologise for being born with white skin, which, to be honest, is a curse in the sunburned country.

Having had melanomas, skin cancers, all manner of things white skin related, I suspect that I have  been well and truly punished for my white skin. I don’t really need to be told that I should pop off and shoot myself for having been born here. I think that I have suffered enough.

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from one of my contributers who prefers to remain anonymous.

" I live across the fence from a Housing Commission set of flats. 

The father is a bastard of the enth degree. 

He treats his daughters like vermin. But that is OK because he is Indigenous.

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I read an article on  ( shudder ) ABC this morning. I don’t normally go any where near that viper pit of leftist lunacy but I received an email from a friend who felt that I should read this particular article.

Well, as I said to him, it made my blood boil with anger.

What kind of country have we turned into?



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