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While we are tucked up at home bitching and moaning about being locked inside, yes, we applaud our incredible medical staff. Not knocking or diminishing their huge input right now. But the silent heroes are the cleaners, the tradies, the truckies, the garbos and the guys and gals out there keeping the country ticking over.

This morning I went out to pick up Redhead and go shopping. A few days ago, I told you about a retail store that sorted out a delivery of a new TV and recorder for a very cheesed off young lady of 87 who had lost her lifeline: the television.

It all went well. The TV and recorder were delivered and a nice chap turned up to unpack the goodies, set everything up and get her back to normal: she could start moaning about the number of repeats on TV and that there was nothing to watch.

 Life was back to normal.

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