When Benjamin Disraeli said “I must follow the people. Am I not their leader? “ he was on the money.  Leaders do not seek to create a new world of their vision, but to preserve or improve the vision that the people already have and hold dear. Or they may seek to create the vision that the people have.

Either way, it is not THEIR vision; it is the vision of the People.

Trump got this. He understood that his role was not to ask his People to follow him but rather to allow the American People to get on with their lives, make money, make babies and make memories of which they could be proud.

His role? To Follow His People.

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How the hell do we keep Shorten out?

I just did my postal vote for the forthcoming election on May 18th. All posted off and thankful to have it behind me.

It looks like an unrolled roll of toilet paper and probably most of the candidates deserve to be flushed down the toilet anyway. Or, at the rate the MSM are going, there won’t be many left to flush! It is ridiculous and almost a way of ensuring that people will be so bloody frustrated that they will vote above the line and shove some numbers in and get back to the sausage sizzle.

I am not joking. It is over a metre long and the names are a seemingly endless fog of parties, letters and, unless you have done your homework, almost impossible to fill out without resorting to an “ oh bugger it, that’ll do. “

But we have to do it if we want to keep Shorten OUT.

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beckIt is a golden oldie that is ignored too often these days, but well worth highlighting again.

So often, we hear the left crying about ending world hunger and misery. But is it not simply a drop in the ocean and, no matter what we do, it will never be enough? Throwing the doors open to the poor is an insurmountable problem and all that will happen is that we will be overwhelmed as well.

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Let’s be honest. The days when the Italians, Greeks, Poles, Hungarians, Poms and Chinese all packed up and headed downunder or over yonder bear no resemblance to the current influx of migrants.

The 3 phases of population growth can be loosely tied down to the pre WW1, Post WW2 and the here and now.

Society has changed and societal expectation has shifted from what ‘they can do for us ‘ to ‘what we can do for them.’


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Seriously? Yes, seriously.

In 1986, Michael Coutts-Trotter was caught drug dealing by Australian Federal Police surveillance. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison for importing and distributing heroin. He, by his own admission was a Junkie. After serving only 3 years, he was released.

So how on earth did this man get the job of NSW Justice Minister last month?

How was he Director General of NSW education and training in 2007? He had no qualifications in Education, and I, for one, find it astonishing. Even the Teachers Federation expressed grave concerns about the appointment. After all, a qualified teacher with his background would be unable to find employment working with children.


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Is New Zealand part of the American fightback against Electro Magnetic Pulse Weaponry? In my opinion, you betcha.

But does New Zealand even know it? Is it maybe the fly in the ointment? Or does Trump have something that is forcing Ms Ardern to keep her mouth shut? Or is she too stupid to even know what is going on in her own country?

Here is the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency launching a satellite from her country and she hasn’t said a word…. you do have to wonder what the hell is going on.


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The Democrats are fielding the worst possible candidates they can come up with. I wonder if they are smoke and mirrors for the real candidate of choice?

Michelle Obama.

Let’s be honest. Not one of the current mob of contenders has a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Trump in 2020. Even the Democrats are disenchanted with the choices. But what if they are all just decoys and at the last minute, the leftie’s love comes out and announces her candidacy? As much as I dislike her, her husband and her views, there are many who would cry with joy that their beloved ex First Lady was going to come out of retirement and offer salvation to their tortured souls.

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I used to think that the present didn’t matter. After all, the present is the past within the blink of an eye. I was wrong. It is from the present that we can preserve the past and protect the future. I now realise that it is the present that is the most important time of all.

We are now facing a time whereby our Present will determine not only our Future, but our Past as well.

As an avid reader of Science Fiction and Space Opera, historical novels and Politics, on face value I go from one extreme to the other. Not so. All three are so closely intertwined that they are actually indivisible. The Past, The Present and the Future are already pre determined. By our memories.

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Can one pair of shoes save a Company?  It all depends on whose feet the shoes are worn. The right feet can change the fortunes of a struggling brand and so too can a Political or Social ideology surge to popularity if its message is delivered from the mouth of the right person.

We say that it is a modern phenomenon, this brand recognition and marketing strategy that can see a complete transformation, seemingly overnight, from failure to success. The opposite is also true: Bad marketing decisions can see the destruction of a Company faster than a rat up a drainpipe. However, selling a brand is a very old concept. It is only the sophistication of the selling tools that has changed.

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