I confess. I am a Man.

Perhaps I should head off and top myself? What have I done that makes me so toxic that Lefties hate me and my kind so much?

What is wrong with the world? I keep getting told that if things are bad then I should find some sugar to add to the mix. The bottom line is that there are times when there isn't enough sugar to sweeten the sour taste that is in my mouth when I read the crap that spews out of the leftist mouths.

Well, at this rate, we would all be diabetic if we swallowed the medicine the Left want us to swallow and I am not interested in their desire to turn me from patient into a patient.

I have had enough and so should you. The Left want to kill us. Time to fight back.

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She just can’t help herself, can she? Back on the front pages of all the gossip columns, MSM tabloids because Trump said that she said… oh come on, give me and the world a break .

She did say that “I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, not because she is a woman, but because Trump has made it easy to see that you don’t really want that kind of world that he’s painting,” 

President Trump said "I wasn’t referring to 'she’s nasty.' I said she was nasty about me. And essentially I didn’t know she was nasty about me,"

Who cares? Seriously who gives a shit?


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article courtesy of General from Whaleoil.

To all those who follow and enjoy my work, thank you so much for partaking in this adventure with me over the last 4 years. You’ve probably already noticed I’ve pulled back to an extent from social media – Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. I’ve been slowly moving towards a life less “lived” in the virtual world and more present outside of it.

 I have long wanted to pursue this less public life, but I have also felt a sense of duty to stay and make a difference. It’s not that I don’t deeply enjoy the creative and political aspects of my work: it is that I would prefer to find that fulfillment in a more private capacity. I’ve finally decided to fully make that commitment.

Rest assured, it is not that I regret my past experiences. These have been the most formative and phenomenal years of my life. I’ve made profound friendships with some of the most talented and brave people in politics and philosophy. You know who you are, your duty and decency in a world that has consumed many with pride and dishonesty has always inspired me. You will always have my respect and support.


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I have felt a surge of nostalgia of late. It could be my 93 years playing on my mind. I have to get help to type my words and I have to use a mobility scooter to get around these days.

I see myself in the mirror, after a welcome glaucoma removal, and I see an old man. But I am not an old man. Not inside. I am young, fit and healthy. I am still the young Naval man who wooed my wife and laid down my life for everything I still hold dear. Fortunately, I was not asked by He who knows All to give that sacrifice. I went on to enjoy life for decades when many others did not.

I served with the British Forces during the Second World War and, because of a War that no one wanted, I found a new life downunder. How extraordinary is that? Without the War, I would not have met my wife or had the life that I have enjoyed and cherished all these years.

People talk about War as an Evil thing. And it is. But out of Evil, there often comes some good.

How many couples met and married, made families and created memories because of this terrible and stupid event?


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image from has become something much greater than a referendum of the People to leave the EU. It has become the Battle Cry of the silent majority who have had a gutful of the tyranny of big government and corporate interests and where politicians can do what they like. 

Time for a clear-out.

Three years ago, Brexit was a word that was coined to describe the (then) imminent departure of the UK from the European Union. Had the Tories done their job, everything would have been sorted and settled and things would be on an even keel. The status quo of the two party system would have been intact and the People would have quietly gone about the business of voting Left or Right, Labour or Conservative and meekly voted for bad or worse.But no.

Theresa May and her cohorts stuffed it up.


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  1. Why is Trump being so cagey and unconcerned about Julian Assange? After all, Assange released the dirt on Hillary and certainly gave a boost to Trump’s chances of the Presidency. Why is he so somehow unconcerned about George Soros? He was instrumental ( and still is ) in the campaign against Trump in 2016. Soros continues with his desire to destroy Trump and all he stands for around the world. Soros is the money behind the campaign that wages battle against Trump every day, yet nothing.

    Why does Trump allow thousands of illegal immigrants to flood across the border (yes, I know that his hands are tied by the left that are there to defeat him ) but why?

    Why has Trump failed to do anything to stop this flood of humanity in to America? Why?

    As a long time and current supporter, I have so many questions in my mind and heart – I need to understand what the hell is going on.


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  1. In 1942, my wife’s Uncle was a metallurgist in Papua New Guinea. At the height of WW2 , he made do and mended in the jungles of one of the hotbeds of the conflict. Unable to serve in the War due to being deaf ( years of working in a goldmine in New Zealand) he served in his own way by doing his bit and carrying on.

    Yesterday, I found a transcript of his recollections of the time in Papua New Guinea during the war and I wanted to share it with you. It is typed as he shared it all those years ago. His time in the War in the jungle of Papua New Guinea.  As a courtesy. I have omitted parts that could identify him or his family.

    Here is his story of walking out of the jungles of PNG in 1942.


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  1. Fair cop. I have a major problem with men that trade in the vintage car that has given reliability, good fuel economy and a comfortable ride over many years – only to send it to the junkyard and trade it in for a new model.

It pisses me off. The new model may be a later year and have better upholstery but let’s be honest, it doesn’t feel the same once you have sat in the seat for a few months or years. There is something about the old comfy car that you like to cast your mind back on and reflect with pleasure.

It was a damned good car.

Poor old Barnaby Joyce. He really did screw his career because he traded in his ute and got a sports car. Hardly a good look for a man in the public eye and one from the bush.


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 What have you done Winston Peters? What have you done?  The Nazguls are only circling because YOU gave Cindy the Flightplan. 

You bastard.

I just love courageous, eccentric, bold and human Kiwis. I really do. I have enormous admiration for this tiny country at the bottom of the world that dares to be extraordinary and dares to be bold and cheeky in the face of global grandiose.

What a shame the Nation of New Zealand is now governed by a globalist leftist greenie who has no comprehension of the people who came before her.


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