Do you remember the days when people had white lace curtains whereby they could see out but no one could see in?

Well, I just got some. OK, not lace, but “ sheers”  as they are called today. They let you see out the window but no one can see in.

No one can see in. Think about it.  Are we going back to an Iron Curtain?

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Troubled times. Bad times. Times of biblical proportions.

Plagues of Lord knows what... times of trouble and destruction and times to end all times.

 What we need is an old fashioned Preacher Man.

Do we already have him?

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In early March I submitted this article to another blog and it was not printed. So I have decided to print it under Patriot

It was all about Kiwis.  So, here it is, my take of Kiwis. And how, after March 15th, the shy and reclusive Kiwi is standing like a deer in the headlights, wondering what the hell happened, and why they are suddenly in the limelight and not in a very good way. Has their Government thrown them under the bus and exposed their Nation to the rest of the world?

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In my dream, a country at the bottom of the world known only for sheep, fiords and interesting accents had suddenly become front page on the news around the world.

In my dream, a city called Christchurch – say it slowly and in two syllables as separate words, had become the scene of a massacre carried out by an Australian. How bizarre is that? An Aussie shooting Kiwis? In  a city where the Rugby Union team is called “The Crusaders? “ At a Mosque? Crazy stuff. But it gets weirder.

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Where I live, here in Southern Queensland, we had some rain. Nearly 4 inches of glorious " flannery " that came down in a gentle but persistent drenching.  Hearing the sound and smelling that magnificent smell that only rain can have - after so long in the heat and the dry summer that left us all exhausted with the sheer tormentuous misery that I call summer.... it was a joyous and happy night. That rain could be so delightful and so calming is a relief and a Godsend. When Mr Tim Flannery forecasted all those years ago that we would never see our dams full, he got it spectacularly wrong.
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Yesterday, in the heat of the Christchurch attack, I wrote an article that came from my heart. I was so upset, angry and outraged that the country of my birth could be so violated by the horror of what the rest of the world endures.. it really angered me. 
 To see such violence and loss of life in a country that sits so comfortably in that genuinely "lovely" sphere so horribly corrupted was beyond my comprehension.
New Zealand? A Nation of green fields and sheep, lazy summer afternoons? Oh, and hills hoists.
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Christchurch shooting. The perfect recipe. Radical, white males shoot up a mosque and outrage a country. Neo nazi white far right murder innocent peaceful islamic devotees at prayer on a day of children protesting climate change. Little kids celebrating their love of their planet are terrified in a hail of bullets as the world comes crashing down on their hopes and dreams.?
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faceoff face on

All over the western world, we are seeing the faces of entire Nations, the history and the future undergo a complete makeover. It is not being done with lipstick, cosmetics or skin treatments at a day spa. It is a surgical transformation. A completely new face.
We are part of a full transformation and if it does not scare you, it should. 
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family breakdown

It seems to be so easy for families to fall out of favour with one another.   We've been best mates for over 100 years but the bromance seems to waning. Have we grown up? Or simply grown apart?
We fought together as ANZACs, died together as ANZACs, wept and laughed together in the trenches and the horror of war.
We patted each other on the back for being Antipodeans and couldn't really understand what all the fuss was about for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. For us, we were proud to be " far from the madding crowds."
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