The blatant and shameless authoritarian power of Government has just been publically played out across the world with no attempt to be subtle. 

It is the Truth that is on trial here. Not Julian Assange. Just as it was and is with Tommy Robinson. When Journalists and Citizen Journalists are arrested for doing their job, one has to wonder who is wagging the dog.

Whoever the Master is, holds the life of Julian Assange and the Life of Truth in their hands. That is a chilling prospect. 

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feisy pensioners

The Great Australian Dream. You work your arse off all of your life to make money to provide for your family, provide a home and ensure their future is secure. You pay your taxes and look back with no regrets: a life hard worked and life hard earned.

You didn’t go out for dinner, except for VERY special occasions and you went without that beer or new pair of shoes so that your kids would get to wear the school uniform and have the books that would afford them a sound education.

After years of graft, working long hours and slogging your heart out, you finally reach the end of the road: a freehold house, a secure future, well educated children and the promise of a well deserved and well earned treat.

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deal with the devil

One of the great motivators for suicide bombers and Islamic Terrorists is that of Heaven with 72 Virgins waiting for them in order to while away eternity in a rapture of sex, lust and decadent delight. Or, so I am told.

This blind faith that spurs so many on to a quick exit from this life and on to the next has always fascinated me, but, on due consideration, this life has not been that flash for most of them. So perhaps the promise of better things ahead would act as a real incentive to speed things up and call it a day.

Some of our Politicians must have been promised something pretty neat to have them head for the off ramp and on to the highway to heaven . 

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When the Christchurch Massacre occurred, the Maori community, in particular the Maori Bikie Gangs, GIFTED their support and condolences and their heartfelt empathy to the Islamic faith in New Zealand.

It was a symbolic teardrop pounamu ( greenstone) . A gesture of condolence and support. A gift made out of love and concern at a time of mourning.

It is Maori tradition.  But be careful when you accept a gift, because a gift, no matter how kindly given, can come back and bite you if it is used with bad intent. When you accept a gift, it can come with strings attached. Winston Peters was given a gift by having the right to choose New Zealand’s future. He has turned it in to a Curse.

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In 2015 . Lord Christopher Monkton gave a speech. Little did we know how prophetic it would become.


Tony Abbott was rolled by Malcolm Turnbull and the left, the UN and the real Powers that be are now after his blood. It is frightening that things are changing in our world and in our country at such an alarming rate of knots.

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Poison Apple

Who is the dumbest of them all?

Have our Governments and Politicians become brain dead? Or do they think that we have?

It seems extraordinary to me that Theresa May and her Political Class are so out of touch with the People that they cannot comprehend that Leave means Leave.

In America, the likes of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, feel that American’s are too stupid to make up their own minds about the environment. The only answer for her and her ilk is to come up with hair brained schemes that would see us driving Fred Flintstone’s car and take us back to the stone age.

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Christchurch Cathedral

We are asked to believe that a single nutter from Australia came across the ditch and managed to obtain weapons and singlehandedly carry out a massacre of innocent people in a Mosque in Christchurch. From obscurity, the country that the rich and famous invested millions in, in order to secure their bolt hole should “ things go wrong “ New Zealand suddenly became the most talked about country in the world.


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Fraser Anning is probably the most talked about Politician in Australia. He is controversial. Hated – in some cases Despised. He is ridiculed for having been elected because of 19 votes.

Well, whoever those 19 people were or are, you created a man who has turned Australian Politics on its head , twisted it and almost wrung it’s neck.

Is he a man who is saying what some of us think but are too afraid to say?

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I wonder how Jake the Muss is going to react in a few years time if he adopts “ Bully “ as his mate?

Because we all know how that went down.

We all remember the movie “ Once Were Warriors”

The Patriach who epitomised Domestic Violence, Alcohol Abuse, abandonment of traditional values; set against his ever strong wife, his defiant and rebellious son, his gentle daughter and his ever present mate Bully.

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