All over the western world, the United Nations is forcing countries to accept foreigners who claim to be refugees but are nothing more than economic country shoppers looking for a good deal. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of it.

I am sick and tired of seeing my country damaged and drained of money and our cultural identity because our so called Leaders are too weak to just say “ No. “ What is wrong with them? Why are they allowing and almost encouraging the theft of our heritage and hard fought for sense of Self?

Just look at America. In a few short decades, it has gone from being all about Apple Pie to all about Tacos. In Australia, it has gone from being about a Roast Lamb Sunday lunch to a kebab and hummus – while in Britain the fish and chips has morphed in to a curry take out.

What frightens and annoys me the most is that the City folk embrace this cultural theft and the people in the Country still try to hold steadfastly to the old traditions and values. We are becoming Nations divided and our Governments have endorsed and encouraged this Great Divide.

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There is a thunderstorm rolling in. The rumble is in the distance, but it is nonetheless on its way. There is a threat of rain and I keep looking out the window to see what will happen. Do I shut my windows and doors before it hits? Or do I let the breeze come in and enjoy the air that is blowing in from the storm that is brewing? Yet the thunder rolls and becomes louder and I wonder how long I should wait before “ shutting up shop. “

The lightening is just a flash of light on the horizon and the rain merely a scatter. But the storm is coming. And I am unprepared.

I can feel the tension in the air and it makes me wonder if I am about to get a downpour. Am I seeing the start of a storm that no window or door, no fence or lock can resist? I feel that a storm is upon us and it is gathering strength.

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It’s a pretty fair bet that Trump will romp home in 2020 – the Democrats are hard pressed to find a candidate to challenge – unless they do as I suggested back in April that they may bring in a late entrant… but, on the current offering, it looks like a slam dunk. Barring voter fraud, George Soros and the Arkancide factor.

That arkancide factor is the biggie – if Trump ends up committing suicide by strangling himself, shooting himself in the back of the head and then throwing himself in front of a bullet, then America will be in Civil War and the election will be the least of the problems facing USA in 2020.

Assuming my favourite President of all time is able to withstand the hatred, the BS and the mud, he will be President until 2024. But what then?

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Put an ad online and in the paper with a headline of “ Free Work boots! “

 You see, all Lefties love free stuff. How on earth would they cope with a pair of free work boots? Would they still grab a pair and put them in the closet? Or would they turn them in to a fashion accessory? Probably the latter. I can see them now – wearing their rainbow hair, nose piercings, tattoos and sporting a pair of work boots as they sashay down to attend the latest “  mumbo jumbo my mother should have aborted me and that is OK “  rally . (apologies to Mr Gormsby.)

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Mark Zuckerberg, the pasty faced nerdy kid who created a cool place for a family to meet has turned from family friendly to George Orwell’s Big Brother.  He is now a self appointed Minister for Truth and poised to become Mike Myer’s Dr Evil, minus the cat.

Something that started out so ostensibly benign has turned into a drug – not of choice – but of necessity – for millions around this globe we call Planet Earth.  Mark Zuckerberg is a drug pusher.

Like any drug pusher, he gets people hooked and then pounces.

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Sarah Sanders, the woman who got her job and did her job because she was talented, hardworking and damned good at what she does.  No gender politics here – this tough lady shows what can be achieved when appointed for her merit, not her gender.

Sarah could run a masterclass for feminists and men haters around the globe. Here is a lady who has done a tough job and done it not only well but brilliantly.

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bl “I promise you if I'm elected president you’re going to see the single most important thing that changes America. We’re going to cure cancer.”

I have heard some big promises made by Politicians, but this one is a whopper. The tragedy is that he, like most of the Left, not only get away with it, but gets applause for it! If Trump cured Cancer, he’s be accused of putting hundreds of thousands of Nurses and Oncologists out of work. But Uncle Joe is going to perform a modern miracle and cure Cancer – but only if he is elected President. What if he loses or doesn’t even get the nomination? Will he say “ well, that’s it. I won’t be curing Cancer after all. “ ?

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Yes, against all predictions, Scott Morrison pulled off the impossible. He won the election. People who had a hunch he may win, and placed bets, cleaned up. The odds were good .. bookmakers were certain he could not win. One bookmaker paid out before the election, so convinced were they he had no chance. They won't be doing that again.

To what extent do we give Scomo credit? This seemingly decent but largely unknown bloke who makes no waves, rocks no boats, says nothing controversial .. in fact says nothing at all of any substance on anything .. to what extent do we give him credit for his win?


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I read an article from America bemoaning how bad things are in the detention centres there. One unnamed person said “It's not just Ebola. It's rampant TB, diphtheria, measles, mumps, scabies, huge HIV, incurable gonorrhoea, syphilis, impetigo, malaria, and child soldiers.”

I had to stop and think, digest and absorb what I just read.

What the hell are our Governments doing? Do they want to wipe us out or is it that the Leftists have buried their heads so far down into the sand that they do not realise what they are doing to us? Either way, things cannot continue. They simply cannot.


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