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Pelosi is a fool. She has walked in to an ambush in a canyon full of Acme blast sheds. Impeachment gives President Trump the most amazing tactical advantage. Thanks Pelosi. You have just gifted Trump a second term, Thank you.

I am delighted. President Trump has just been gifted the 2020 election. Pelosi lost control of her Party to the far left and she surely knows that they have just made the biggest home goal in Political history!

How can any Political Party make such a foolish decision - impeaching a President who has brought down unemployment, restored American Pride, restored the Defense Forces, fought for Veterans...and now opened an opportunity for him to introduce evidence that will condemn them to face their ghosts. Ghosts that they may have preferred to have stayed locked in a cupboard and kept under the stairs .

The DemocRATs have popped themselves on a highway to hell in a handbasket with this impeachment.

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