boats  Thanks lefties, The boats are on their way. Maybe not yet, but mark my words, the boarding passes are being issued, the fares being paid and the bags being packed. Derryn Hinch put the nail in Australia's coffin, so neatly crafted made by the Australian Medical Association Past President, Ms Phelps. I had hoped that the boat years were gone. But no, they are back. Flashback to Christmas Island.

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censorship  It costs a lot of time and money to run a site. So I signed up for some affiliate advertising a few days ago. I started ads and got a few commissions. Whew.     But to day, I got an email. My account has been suspended. Should I be angry or pleased?. 

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Pauline Hanson has been the soldier riding in to the valley of death for decades about Chinese and moslems.
I have forgiven her friendship with Valmai Beck and forgiven her poor judgement with the men in her party.
I was all set to vote for her and her party in our forthcoming elections. But she has just endorsed a moslem to stand for a set in her party's name? Sorry, Pauline, you blew it.
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It is " something Day " somewhere in the world almost everyday it seems. I just watched a video clip where a young lady interviewed folk in Florida about what was then the upcoming State of the Union Address in America. On the streets of Florida, she asked a simple question : what is the SOTU ( State of the Union) and the results were sadly, unsurprising. The people had no idea what it was.
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In 1929 a Brisbane based Engineer, Dr JJ Bradfield, came up with a plan. A plan that could change Australia forever. The Bradfield Scheme. The man who designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Underground Railway system and Brisbane's Storey Bridge came up with a plan to drought proof Australia forever. Yet it has never been implemented. Why?
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Betty Boop laments the loss of her Grandson's masculinity. It seems that grandkids today are not turning out quite as we expected. 

The question of course is why boys are turning in to girls?

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drugsThe Lost Generation - Drugs have stolen our young People.

This has to stop. Parents are ignoring it, hoping it will go away..

Meanwhile,  our Grandkids are dying but, apparently, therapy will make them better..

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deathMass Migration and Open Borders -  recipe for a worldwide epidemic?

Every time an unscreened refugee or migrant arrives in our country, are we being putting at risk?.

Do our Governments have an obligation to protect us from the United Nations Open Borders Policy?

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Whenever I get down in the dumps I listen to music to mellow my mood. It might be Moody Blues or Leo

anrd Cohen, Pink Floyd but it would never be Pink.  It might be my Dad singing. Music used to be distinctive. Individual. Now, it is a generic = much like our enforced life.

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