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We are pretty much all out of work. We are all confined to our homes or beds by the invisible enemy with the most expensive & disruptive name in recent history – “Covid-19” – one that has world changing implications. Truly a Force Majeur of epic proportions. But having said that NZ made a bold call . We are an island nation and time is of the essence.

China is coming out of this with an amazing force of their own and buying up many stocks at bargain basement prices, or so I hear. I read a book called the “Next 100 years”, written by George Friedman, he said back in the early 2000’s that China would start fragmenting in 2020. Says it right on the cover. Will be interesting to see what happens?

I guess every cloud has a silver-lining if you know how to play the game. It makes me wonder what are the benefits of all this, if there could be any?

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