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I fear that things are about to get messy. Very few people appear to be able to what I call 'fractal up'. The patterns repeat and most continue to be obsessed with their political navel fluff, locked in and distracted by the tiny patterns and ripples that affect them directly... of course, that's what the New Gods of Mount Davos want as they pursue their demented, insane notions of TransHumanism with their lickspittle lackeys in Silicon Valley.

Stuff that would have been pure science fiction even just a scant few years back is all quite possible now, and I am fully convinced that if George Soros had the opportunity to have his brain kept alive in a bath of fresh stemcells harvested from late-term abortions and have it put into a robot body he would bloody well take it - it's gotta be worth tossing a few billion at, eh?

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