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As our families drift further apart ( whether it be through distance or because of political, moral or social differences of opinion ) we are starting to redefine so much of our traditional places of comfort. Poor old Uncle Bob who used to get a bit pissed at the family Christmas dinner and get carried off to the spare bedroom to sleep it off... or old mate Cousin Billy who used to bang on about the Government hatching a master plan to take over the world and we all said " yeah, yeah, good on ya mate " and get back to having a joke and a yarn about who would win the cricket; times have changed.

Today, I read a comment on a forum I belong to. It made me realise that FAMILY is a dying " Art " and one that too many people around the world have abandoned or simply do not even realise has been abandoned and stolen.. Certainly in the form that the current " woke " mob think it is. 

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