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To all you housebound parents out there around the world, here is something to enjoy with your little ones. 

In these sad times, it is so important to keep the children's dreams alive. 

As someone who speaks with Fairies, I can assure you that the Tooth Fairy is still working, as is the Easter Bunny. Magic happens everywhere and goodness, wonder and delight can be found alive and well throughout the world. All we need do is look to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, for the joy in the simplicity of delight to be found in such timeless heroes. Fairies are part of my Manx heritage so it is not be be treated lightly that you have my assurance that the Tooth Fairies are still flying around the world doing a great job. They tell me that the Easter Bunny is also ready for a bumper Easter Egg day. But they asked me to remind the children to brush their teeth and not get carried away with too many goodies from the Bunny basket.


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