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On the 19th of February 1942, the isolated northern city of Darwin in Australia was bombed by the Japanese. Back then, it was a small isolated outpost at the top end of Australia and represented the last post of defence of Australia against the Japanese. It is probably still the last post in Australian Defense. The Port of Darwin is leased to China. 

While our forces, along with the Americans, defended our Nation against the threat from " the yellow peril " our boys slogged their guts out on the Kokoda Trail, in the deserts of North Africa and the horror of the European War. Our country was left rather defenceless and we mucked on, carried on and did our bit to make do and mend. As did our Kiwi mates, our Yankee mates and our Pommy mates.

Now THAT, WAS WHEN WE WERE ALL IN IT TOGETHER? That was when the words meant something

We, down under, did not experience the horror of the blitz. The " please let this be true and we will all be OK " security of sitting in the underground railway station listening to patriotic ditties from Vera Lynn was simply something people got from the radio. 

Our British family endured the horror of the war and Darwin brought it home

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All this rhetorical nonsense with the batflu of being all in it together makes me ashamed.

A flu bug that is being used as a reason to destroy our freedom is unacceptable.

 It was a rather sombre war but one that Australians and Kiwis only witnessed from ration books and not from the bunker or the underground where our pommy brethren sheltered, huddled and hid for fear of death. 

I often think that we are in a very similar position, today. We observe from afar, empathize and sympathize, but we have our hearts in the right place.  

It dawned on me today that we are at war. Not with the bombs that descended on Darwin and killed so many people.

We are at war with China, the Communist Party of China that no longer drops bombs but simply drops a few computer hacks and, Bob, as they say down under, is your Uncle.

Long gone, since November 3rd, old Uncle Sam is a geriatric old fool that we said " hullo Granpa " and then let sit in the corner of the room. and have a nice cup of tea.

Except, right now, the old bugger  is in charge of the bloody world.

How frightening is that?

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 Uncle Sam seemed to be a pretty good guy. He didn't sniff kids or grope them. As I recollect, he was rather pleasant.

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But the poor bugger Uncle Sam has been sent to death and now we have Uncle Joe.

Today, the port of Darwin is leased to the Chinese for 99 years.

With Sleepy Joe at the helm, rest assured Australia is about to be bombed again. And America and New Zealand will be nowhere to be seen because they will be picking up their frequent liar points and having a Communist PARTY somewhere in Darwin and planning the ceremony when China sails into Australia and Biden says' Well done. "

If Australia falls to leftism, the entire Southern Hemisphere falls. It is that serious.

Japan can help, believe it or not. 

Quite honestly, the only hope for the world is India. Without America, our Southern Hemisphere is gone. 

That the Nation that sought to destroy us may actually save us seems rather interesting.

India and Japan can do something but without the might of America, we in Australia will be buggered.

Under Biden  the writing is on the wall. We need a breeze coming off the ocean to clear our minds and simply say 


The shortest word in the  #English language, But the most powerful,

Just Say No. 


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