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As thousands flee Victoria to escape the tyranny of Comrade Dan, there is a fallout that no one appears to be admitting to yet - the impact on the workers of hospitality industry-reliant areas in Queensland.

I may be wrong of course. I have been known to be wrong from time to time. But what I am seeing and hearing up here in the Pluck a duck banana republic zone is that things are about to get really worrying.

In my small town, rents are skyrocketing as the exodus builds. New arrivals from the southern states are increasing and, as leases come up for renewal, the incumbent tenants are being told to pay up or piss off.

The chef at the local restaurant handing in his notice because he can no longer afford his rent. The cleaner at the holiday complex who has had to hand in her notice to move back to Brisbane to live with her parents because the rent on her home shot up from $600 a week to $850 a week.

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On face value, this is regrettable for those people, but it is worth stopping and thinking about the bigger picture. 

In an economy that relies on tourism, the SERVICE personnel are paramount to the success of the entire economy. If there are no cleaners, no wait staff and no cooks, chefs, bakers or delivery drivers, how will the industry survive?

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It matters little how wealthy people are - if they turn up to their accommodation and expect a clean room or apartment; a dining experience, a massage or an attentive checkout chick.... if the workers are unable to afford to put a roof over their heads, something will have to give.

Common sense tells me that the only way someone can pay another $250 a week rent is if they earn another $250 a week. The owner of the restaurant will have to pay his chef that money which of course will be passed on to the consumer. 

The consumer will find their meal more expensive and will probably object and or dine out less. When that happens, the turnover of the business drops and staff levels are cut to compensate for the loss of revenue.

The end result is that the staff member loses; the business owner loses and the consumer loses.

As standards drop, service drops and eventually. demand will drop. An entire local economy will be devastated.

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The people who fled the city to relocate to " paradise " will find that their very exodus has created the problem from which they sought refuge.

Increasing the dole is not the answer. Increasing the wages is not the answer. 

The social meltdown has been caused by tyrannical state governments causing people to leave their home states in search of somewhere better than the " prison " they currently call home. And even now, when Queensland is controlled by a leftist lunatic in the form of a frumpy frau who hates her citizens and rules with a spooky " I am your mother and I know what is best for you so do what you are told and bend over the barrel and take another beating " mentality ; it must be VERY bad in Victoria. 

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What does Queensland have going for it? 

Our weather for starters.

The fact that we have low Batflu numbers. 

But if, by coming to Queensland, you lose the ability to have a cleaner, a chef, a person to serve your needs and wash your dog ( because the workers have had to leave in order to house you ) what have you truly accomplished? 

What is the solution? 

Probably, much like the WW2 initiatives where the government stopped price gouging.

Freeze rents. Stop airlines raising ticket prices and charge them with price gouging. 


Apart from that? I truly no longer know. Because this world is so foreign to me that I have no idea who is in charge anymore.

Is this not very much like the migrant from the Middle East or Africa who complains that he is not housed and fed as he wishes, and, because of his loud and leftist voice, gets a place to call home and a square meal but still complains because the flavour of yoghurt is not to his liking?

Yet, as the chef and the cleaner tell their employer that they can no longer afford to work, our governments surrender to ideological bullshit, we the taxpayers, continue to work and pay to become homeless.

If our Federal Governments actually cared about us, the taxpayers; the people who stoke the boilers and provide the fuel that keeps the coffers full, they would start to look after us so that we can look after others.

After all, without the taxpayer, there is no nation. 


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