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Has it been about a month?   It feels like I have never lived any other way.  Restricted.  !!  How much is it  a Mind thing and how much is it Real.

It is a perpetual life of monotony and repetition.    It is not nice to be told what to do   I think I am old enough to be trusted to do the right thing.

I live by myself , so no fear of the separation and  "had enough of one another"  which I have read is one of the  most common things that has  been the outcome of this Lockdown.    I am speaking of every Country who has been part of this procedure.   I did fear domestic violence .    We have not read very much about this, but I wonder is that because it is behind "locked doors".  Last week, the New South Wales Attorney-General Mark Speakman reported that Google searches on domestic violence are up by 75 per cent since the first recorded COVID-19 cases in the state.

I live where I can walk my Jack Russell  to the beach, I can  enjoy the salty breeze and watch the waves rolling up onto the sand.    Watch the little kids playing in the water and building sand castles, surfers enjoying the solitude of the ocean and  waves.  Healthy salt air and   beautiful clean ocean water.  A family type IGA which is clean and  only local people  shop there, no large crowds ,   still of course with the   notice  "walk this way"  and keep your distance. 


 But what about the  many thousands of people who live in the cities?     Live in apartments,  Live a long way from the ocean or a clean Lake or River.   Have the  Authorities who issue these restrictions had to live like this themselves, or are they  lying back beside their pool  in their fancy homes   in some  private  estate .   Still enjoying  life because they haven't had to shut their door to a family business  or try and weather out this Lockdown.

What long term effect is this  incarceration going to have on the children , on the mothers on all family members.   Men and women who are normally off to work bringing home their hard earned wages so the family can  live comfortably , having some fun , a weekend treat to the beach  or taking the dog to the park every evening  , Parks closed... can you believe ..   the one place that  people should be encouraged to go to and enjoy the fresh air and open spaces.


Stanford University has said that this Wuvirus will be with us from now on,  just like the normal  Autumn and Winter flu'  that we try and avoid  by taking our vitamins  and keeping fit .    So is it not time to get back to normal living and see if we can repair all the  damage this Lockdown has created.    Children all back to school,  Men back to work, Teen agers and young adults back to getting a career under their belts.   Mothers running the homes again , teachers doing their job .  Everyone happily employed .  

I wonder though,  will the jobs be there for them or have they disappeared .


This must be the biggest worry for the general population, is my job still there??  A lot have managed to keep going by working from home but not everyone can do that.   The fact that many  Nursing Homes seem to have had the fatalities  may have a need to inspect their care and  hygiene .   A number of them have been shown to not show proper care and  respect toward their elderly patients.   Maybe an urgent  need for Government "spot"  inspections .

 Anzac Day celebrations showed  that people want to engage and do things and still take care .

Give us a chance to show we are still a Responsible and Caring  Nation.

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