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Is there anywhere this woman hasn’t been?

 Her appearances at key moments in history make me wonder if indeed she is the female Doctor Who and that other British bitch is just an imposter?

To those people who haven’t got a clue what I am talking about, AOC says that Dr Who is a documentary series that commenced in 1960 and was filmed by the British Broadcasting Corporation. It followed the real life adventures of a time travelling alien known only as Dr Who. We are now learning that the Doctor is AOC. And you heard it here first folks. I have even beaten Babylon Bee. 

Much like the documentaries that followed, featuring another time travelling alien, Sir David Attenborough and his trusty sidekick Princess Greta Thickberg, this series was wholly honest and truthful in all respects EXCEPT for one: the true identity of the Doctor, a person we now know to be AOC.

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This was revealed in an exclusive interview on this site, Patriotrealm.  AOC said to this interviewer, Jake Irish, through exclusive sources who shall remain nameless and genderless and pronoun free:

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“ Yes, I am Doctor Who.  However, back then, over 60 years ago, it was unthinkable to have a time travelling human female who does not identify as female and will not share her pronouns except with the people/person who truly and absolutely loves her, the BBC wisely cast me as a geriatric male surrounded by weak and submissive females whose pronouns were she her and hers and stuff like that.


The BBC, the CNN, the GOP and the DP and FBI, CIA and all the other acronyms around the world – that cover for Doctor AOC  – Absolutely Obsolete Communist  - ( which is an acronym for WHO ) – Who Helps Obseltism – have been secretly looking after the Doctor for centuries. 

I must admit that I was not aware that Normandy was not in France, but AOC assures me it was in Germany. F##k  me dead and cover me in potatoes and gravy. I didn't know that. 

I was staggered when I spoke with AOC and learned that she was at Tiananmen Square.

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 She wept in front of the tanks and said it cast her mind back to the days when children were in cages on the American border.

I asked her if that could be perhaps a false memory but she told me to go away or she would speak with Nancy.

She cried at the cages full of children at the Mexican border.

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When I explained that there were no kids, she said it was about the vibe and she had seen the movie and it was all about the vibe. No doubt someone from The Castle can explain that.

The groundbreaking part of my interview with AOC was when she said that life is supposed to be a fairytale and along came the Bad Wolf.

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Was that Trump, I asked?

" No " she said. "It's us.  

" Oops " I said. 

She, for some strange reason yelled " Nancy! " and I found myself on the pavement. 

When I left the interview, there was one thing I knew: 

The Bad Wolf is coming.


I just hope that Dr Who is not the stupid bitch in Britain or the American Over the top Cretin ( AOC) because right now we need Doctor Who.

And we NEED him right now. 

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