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When the Senate kicked out American troops and moved them to a cold parking garage, it impacted on 5000 soldiers. With 1 power outlet. They had one bathroom with two cubicles.

This is how Joe Biden’s America treats soldiers. One Guardsman said. “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage ...” 

It may explain why they turned their backs on his motorcade - or were they punished FOR turning their backs?

No matter what, America now has arguably the craziest leader of any country in the world.

President Trump would never let this happen. But then, he wasn't bonkers. Or suffering from dementia or some form of Alzheimer's. He wasn't one slice short of a sandwich or one bob short of a quid.

Meanwhile, don't forget that all last year Democrat mayors were giving homeless drug addicts free hotel rooms and free drugs and alcohol.

One person commented on social media "I've been in worse places in similar instances.  But never in America "

One thing is for sure, the National Guard was not needed on the 20th and they were not needed on the 22nd. Why are they still there? This " outbreak " of Covid among them means that they will have to stay 2 more weeks... makes me wonder if that is why the reports of Batflu has just popped out of nowhere?

No matter what or why, the fact remains that in less than 3 days, Joe Biden's America is becoming an America of uncaring politicians ruled over by someone who makes Kim Yong Un look like a bloody genius. 

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Biden cannot pretend he didn't know. Can he? As he walked passed them, he didn't give a shit. Or maybe he has no idea. After all, he is pretty much away with the fairies most of the time and the fairies want to get a " return to sender " label and they are more than happy to pay the postage. But no bugger wants him because he is about to go out of warranty. Apparently, his warranty is almost over. And Kamala is not accepting returns if someone is not happy with the product they received.

Hell's bells, even ebay gives some form of consumer protection. 

But I want to get back to the soldiers. So much for the Geneva Convention in the treatment of internees.. 

Here is the relevant portion of the Geneva Conventions Act of 1964

" The premises shall be fully protected from dampness, adequately heated and lighted, in particular between dusk and lights out. The sleeping quarters shall be sufficiently spacious and well ventilated, and the internees shall have suitable bedding and sufficient blankets, account being taken of the climate, and the age, sex, and state of health of the internees."

Let’s count the violations shall we?

  1. Not adequately heated
  2. Not well ventilated (exhaust fumes)
  3. No suitable bedding
  4. No blankets.

That’s four right there.

Fortunately, Trump stepped up to the plate and has offered his Trump hotel to the soldiers and shown this group of uncaring traitorous scumbags what a REAL President does. Even when he is no longer President. 


Sleepy Joe needs to be upgraded from Hidin' Biden to Dirty two-faced pony soldier. 

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He said he wouldn't end fracking. He has banned fracking on federal property. He has ended the free insulin programme introduced by Trump. Canceled the Keystone pipeline and ended cheap fuel for Americans. 

The Pipefitters Union, who supported him, are not cheery chappies right now. No sympathy for them but my sympathy in abundance for the poor buggers from middle America just trying to earn a buck and feed their kids who have just been shot in the back by their fellow voters. May you plumbers and pipefitters who endorsed Biden go down the gurgler and into the sewer that you deserve for flushing decency and commonsense down the toilet.



Oh, what a shame. But no sympathy from me you useless bastards. You voted for him, and your fellow citizens will suffer along with you and your families for being dickheads. You lost your jobs because you backed a bloody idiot. We tried to warn you. 

I wonder how many Americans are having a " whoops. that was dumb " moment right now? 

Move to North Korea, where the leader is saner than the current leader of the Free World, why don't you? 

The trouble is that millions of us from around the world are looking on in shock and horror but still wishing that we were not having one of those  " I told you so " moments, because we are all suffering because you were misguided fools. 

The Biden Administration is about to hand over 3 trillion dollars to Iran, China and other hotbeds of anti American values - have they just installed a printing press in Washington? 

If so, couldn't they have churned out a few bucks to help the soldiers first? Or for the diabetics? Or the struggling American Citizens whose lives and livelihoods are destroyed by Antifa rioters? The same Antifia whose website now redirects to Joe Biden's Whitehouse site?

It seems to me that old mate Joe the lying two-faced dog pony soldier needs to stop being the scarecrow and stop wishing he had a brain and actually go out and buy one.  But they don't make brains yet.  Or so I am told. 

But I suppose Joe knows what he's doing. It must be something to do with the hojemaycahala thingie.

In the meantime, I am really concerned that if the aforementioned brainless twit who is wandering around the Whitehouse does get booted out, we will end up with Lisa Simpson as President.

Except Lisa Simpson isn't real. This bitch is. 


Yes, we are being led by someone crazier than Kim Yong Un and that is not something I am relishing. 

In fact, at the rate we are going, we will be eating grass and praying for the days that living on a garage floor was actually comfortable. 




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