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Yesterday, one of the top posters on twitter ( you know that thing that used to be rather popular and has just banned President Trump and dropped about $5 billion in value ? Yeah, that one ) started a hashtag #pelosilovestrump.

Now, that was very very wicked of the poster known as Catturd. But it has become one of the hottest trends on the dying blue bird known as twitter and is giving users an opportunity to bow out with a bang by trying to come up with comments and memes that best exemplify how Pelosi is secretly in love with President Trump and if she cannot have him, no one will.

I confess to wanting to do my bit to get into the swing of things but some of the stuff put up there is so damned clever, I could not compete in a month of Sundays.

Only yesterday, I saw a tweet that said that Pelosi was secretly in love with Trump and the hashtag #pelosilovestrump was everywhere, as I said at the beginning of this post.

Monty gave it a go

download 12

But before I go any further, let me tell you about the Cat. Catturd is a farting white cat that wears glasses. No one knows if the Cat is a he or a she or a neutered or speyed cat with resentment issues. All we know is that The Cat is a phenomenon and manages to post some pretty crappy stuff and also some very witty stuff and always, always, gets away with it.

How the hell this Cat gets away with what it does is anybody's guess. But it does.

The Cat has written books and sells a range of coffee mugs.

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At the moment, The Cat is suggesting that it starts its own social media site called the Litter Box. It would probably be an instant success and there would be hundreds of thousands of people lining up to post shit in the litterbox.

No doubt President Trump would be on board, as long as the litterbox removed all the stray toms and the rampaging bitches on heat from the site. 

download 14

Catturd is something of an American hero. The Cat manages to gain followers and people upvote every comment that is ever made because it is made by THE CAT.

Why?  How could a person posting things like "farting cat sounds " and " farting crickets "  rise to such enormous popularity in under 2 years?

The profile biography says : The MAGA turd who talks shit.

It got me to thinking: why is it that a MAGA cat that talks shit and tweets about starting a social media site called the litter box is so popular?

Is it because the cat sticks its tongue out at the establishment, the accepted way of doing things?


Who knows?

But I can tell you that this cat has nine lives.

At the moment, if, heaven forbid, President Trump is deprived of his rightful place in the Whitehouse, I would prefer Catturd as President over Sleepy Joe and the VP pick of Harrass Harris. 

Not to mention Nancy the Vodka Queen of the Senate who loves to sail with sedition and triumph with treason and hate on the man that she truly loves and respects: Donald Trump.

Poor Nancy. A Cat that wears glasses and shits in a litter box said something today that sums it up:

Liberals are so angry that we're having fun on Twitter for a few hours with a funny hashtag #PelosiLovesTrump

Wasn't the point of social media when it all began - to have some freaking fun? Somewhere, they lost their way.
Yes Catturd, fun is now consigned to the litter box and all they want us to post is shit. 
I truly hope that they do not neuter you. Whoever you are. 
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