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I watched the Lin Wood and Sidney Powell " press conference " today and I felt like I was at a revival meeting. I am in my latter years and it took me back to my childhood when I went to Methodist Rallies and it was nothing short of  amazing.

I heard the word of God and the power and the passion and the joy and the outrage and the raw emotion that evokes what is in our hearts.

I heard TRUTH. But something happened at that rally and it has come full circle today.

As a child, I was brought up in a home without Religion. I was not denied the right to attend church. I was not obligated to attend Church. It was my choice and I exercised that choice. It was a strange situation, in retrospect. My best friends were daughters of the Anglican Minister and the Methodist Minister in our small rural community.

Why was it that I chose to attend the Methodist Church?  I cannot say that it was because one friend was better than the other. One Minister better than the other. It was not because it was easier to walk to one than another.  


In retrospect, I loved the simplistic honesty of the Methodist Church. It had no flashy altar or statues or clever things that would make me go ooh or aah. I liked the feeling that I got when I walked in to that Place of Worship that was as stripped bare of pretence as you could get.

My Anglican friend's father preached in a place of acceptance of God. My Methodist friend's father preached from a place of awe of God.

How could I not go with awe, rather than acceptance?

To this day, I can still see the Reverand spitting and shouting out the Lord's words. We used to sit, in the front pews, wondering how long it would be that the veins in his neck would cope as he poured the power of his commitment to God.

It was a show worth watching each and every Sunday and secretly taking bets as to whether or not this Sunday was the Sunday that his neck would explode and he would finally blow up in a terrifying lightening rod of God. It was worth turning up each Sunday to find out.

One day, when I was about 8 years old, we were told that there was to be a rally. A rally for Jesus and a rally for God. My brother and I were immediately ready to get on that bus and travel to that rally.

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And we did.

I can still remember sitting there as the " warm up " acts came on. There was a ventriloquist and his chum. Robbie the Robot. 

I remember nothing else from that rally: just that robot, sitting on the knee of a man on the stage. 

The robot was telling me that God was good and Jesus was good and all I had to do was believe in them and all would be well in the world.

I didn't like that.

No way could a robot speak for God. No way could a robot tell me what to believe.

The little girl who walked in to that rally believing blindly that what was told to me was true? Well, she walked out believing that robots are robots and  what comes out of someone's mouth must be questioned.  

As I grew up, I questioned everything. And still do.

When I watched the Lin Wood and Sidney Powell rally, I cast my mind back to that day, in Auckland, over 58 years ago. 

It was a Revival movement. It was a moment of hope. 


My rally back in about 1963 no doubt held many truths.

But all I took from it was a robot who spoke though a false mouth and a false voice and I heard words that were fake. They came from someone else.

With this rally, in Georgia, I did not see a ventriloquist act. I did not see Robbie the robot parroting words in order to please the kiddies.

I saw true patriots, true God loving Americans fighting for America's soul.

I saw a Revival meeting. I saw a preacher and a simple message of Truth. I saw desciples.


President Trump doesn't need robots. He has us. Real People. 

So what happended to me today was a realisation. That a robot, 5 decades ago, at a religious revival meeting made me question my Faith.

Today, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell made made me say proudly " I am with God and I trust him. "

We will win. 

2 Timothy 2:5 

An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules.



Thanks Redhead, your voice in music says it all.  





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