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Throughout the world, people are being persecuted, prosecuted and permanently damaged through Trial By Media.

What makes it worse, is that some of our Governments are joining the ranks.

Never have I been so disgusted as I am today with what is happening with our Australian troops.

 I do not pretend to be as eloquent as Alan Jones. I do not profess to be as knowledgeable in these matters as Andrew Hastie or Jim Molan.

I am just a simple observer, and, from where I sit, there is something terribly wrong.

Our Australian Prime Minister is suggesting that there are brutal truths about to be exposed. MSM is jumping on the band wagon and joining him on his condemnation of our boys in battle and in uniform.

If ever there was an " how dare you " moment, it is this.  

Our military forces have been lambasted, condemned and debased by MSM and our PRIME Minister.

This is a National disgrace.

Wihout trial or evidence, it seems that some people, some where are guilty of doing somethings wrong. I am no longer a child. Do not treat me as one.

Over 40 years ago, I was in a pub in Newcastle. I was a young 20 something idealistic  young person who thought that the world should behave as I wanted it to behave. We gathered together, a group of friends, to have some fun and eat our dinner in what I recollect was the Kazbar. 

It was a part of a pub in the Newcastle CBD and you could choose a steak, gather your fruit and vege and cook your steak. Drinking a beer, a wine or a beverage of your choice.

We met with friends who were all professional folk.  Doctors, Lawyers, Tradies and .one person who did not fit in to our " group. " 

This young guy was a recently returned Veteran from Vietnam. He stood awkwardly in our crowd of friends and family and sipped his beer and said very little.

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Then I did something, that, to my shame, I should never have said. I was, in, my defence, young and idealogical. But I said to that young man, in the middle of a crowded place, amongst friends probably the worst thing I have ever said in my life.

I said " How did it feel to kill people? "

All those in our group fell silent. I had dropped the clanger of all clangers. I stood there, smiling, to my utter shame, At that time, I felt triumphant. This person had murdered innocent Vietnamese and I, I, could publically condem him for being the murderer that he was.

As our group looked down and the words ceased to flow, I sensed that I had made a blunder.

My triumphant question had somehow become a condemnation of me, not of him.

download 2020 11 27T152135.809

As the gathering waited for his reply and the people in our group anxiously awaited something to hear, say, or consider, that young man said this.

" I did what I had to do, " 

He picked up his drink, put it back down and walked out of the Kazbar. 

I never saw him again.

I have no idea who that young man was. I have no idea what he went through, saw or tried to cope with.

 To my shame, I called this young man a muderer. Not in so many words, but I did accuse him. Now that I have some wisdom in my heart, I now defend him.  Is he any different to the young man who fought in previous battles? 

NO. A thousand times NO. 

download 2020 11 27T152400.169

I do not know his name, nor do I know his military history. I know nothing about him. 

 My brother said later that one day I would regret my words. 7 words. And he was right. 

All these years on, if I could take back 7 words, they would be those.

I am regretting those words today. More than ever before. If Morrison could take back his words, he should have the guts, as I have, to take them back and apologise.But I doubt he will.

I was young and foolish. If that young man is reading this today, I am sorry.  Truly sorry. 

I am not holding my breath that Morrison and Campbell will say that they were wrong. 

 MASH was a TV series and Good Morning Vietnam was a movie.  

It seems to me that MSM and their " Reality " TV shows are distorting reality.

My reality was a day in the Kazbar when I met a man who embodied a Patriot and I let him down. Just as the media and our Government is doing today.  I failed in the 70's. 

I will never let him down again. 








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