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I have become increasingly concerned that we are at a fork in the road. What plays out in the next 2 months will determine the course of modern history. It is that serious. 

Should this illegal takeover of America succeed, people from all free Nations around the world will feel the impact of this life changing event. We are, whether we admit it or not, now in a state of war. 

In 10 short months, our entire way of life has been altered and our sense of hope and optimism utterly decimated. All we had to cling to was the faith that President Trump would succeed in restoring balance to this tortured way of life. Has the rot set in so badly that there is no coming back? 

While we on the commonsense side of life have put faith in justice, the Law as written and the belief that good will always triumph, it seems that we have been thwarted at the 11th hour by a group of traitors who are no more than snakes with forked tongues.

Prime Minister Morrison in Australia is destroying our Armed Forces. Our so called Conservative Government is stripping us of the right to everything we hold dear: our love of flag, of our country, our way of life and our ability to feed , shelter and protect our loved ones. 

As we should protect those who seek to protect us from evil. They are all our heroes. 

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Boris Johnson has done the same and  become an enemy of those who voted for him - effectively throwing his Nation under the bus of globalism.

It matters not what your politics or religious inclinations are, the fact remains that most citizens of most countries want to be left alone to bring up their children as they see fit; worship where they choose; eat what they want; smoke or drink what they want; pay their taxes; work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labours. 

2020 has seen our rights to parent and conduct our lives as independent and free thinking people utterly destroyed. We cannot meet who we want, go where we want or do what we want without some bastard from Government or bureaucracy  tapping us on the shoulder and threatening to arrest us.

There have been few notable exceptions to this global New World Order and promise ( or threat ) of the Great Reset: the foremost of them is President Trump. Never forget his promise - to restore the power to the People and to minimise Government's power over the populace.

No wonder the Globalists hate him so much. 

Should the fraudulent and illegal takeover of America triumph, the ramifications throughout the world are ENORMOUS. 

Forget Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Without America's support, we are sitting ducks to the Chinese Communist Party. Without America in Europe, the countries like Hungary and Poland will fall to the sheer might of the Globalists. 

And mark my words, China is front and centre.


 I wrote an article back in 2019 which featured a speech by Mike Pence. It is well worth watching this video. It pretty much sums up what was hoped for - but, sadly, has turned to dust.

You cannot negotiate with tyrants.

What did China do? Release the virus that Pence spoke about. It has infiltrated, bought support and, in less than one year, destroyed the hopes and dreams of Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, British and Americans because so many of our elected representatives sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver.

I fear that it is not possible to look to our Governments for justice or for our rights to be upheld. They have sold their souls to the devil.

We are on our own. Only our Military can come to our aid and they have been weakened by slander and diminished morale

Our choice is no longer our choice. It is a choice made on our behalf and one that many of us do not wish to be made. Unable to travel or eat or sit in a park or gather to hug and meet our loved ones appears to be the trendiest thing in the world today. Those in favour of the Great Reset applaud their imprisonment yet we on the side of The Great Awakening would prefer to make up our own minds on how we live our lives. We do not wish to sit in isolation, be banned from singing, standing up or breathing without a mask. Some time ago, I remember commenting that, if it was within the Government's power, they would tax the air that we breathe.

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Well, rather than tax it, they just stifle it. Deprive us of air with enforced masks and they are, in effect, taxing us. We only get a fraction of the air to which we are entitled.

I sarcastically commented that the Government would shackle us in chains if they could get away with it. Well, they have. QANTAS and ankle bracelets. 

We are now in occupied territory and our so called elected leaders have lead us, like Judas Goats, to slaughter.  

I personally would prefer to live in The Great Awakening than a world of The Great Reset. I value my right to think as a rational human being. And that right has been albeit taken away from me.

Which brings me back to where I started. If the courts in America fail, there is a fork in the road.

Can or will the military intervene?  Can or will it happen again?

Today? I hope so. Because America is gone without it. 


Will it come down to an uprising of the people, as happened in the War of Independence? Or at the Eureka Stockade? 

Or will it become the Second Civil War? 

Will Trump become the modern Lincoln? 

Part of me almost hopes it will. Because, only then, will we see what the People REALLY want. Not what some leftist activists want. 

I believe that the next two months will see the second Civil War in America. If I am right, what will this mean for the rest of us?

Thank God that Americans still have their right to bear arms. 

For the rest of us, we might be off to Bunnings for a pitchfork. 




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