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As the fraud in global elections is mounting at an alarming level and we lose more and more of our freedom to the so called Corona Virus, 2020 has seen us plunged in to lockdowns, masks and a constant campaign of fear mongering.

Climate Change was put to one side while the planet was conditioned to accept unacceptable restrictions on our day to day lives, all under the guise of keeping us safe.

We have had years of social engineering where our opinions are callously disregarded if we do not submit to Black Lives Matter, babies are sacrificed on the altar of " my body my choice " , our elderly and vulnerable are subjected to abuse and neglect and our children brainwashed in to believing that pedophilia is normal. Little children are encouraged to learn about sex, become transgender and abandon the centuries old family values that have cemented our communities and kept us united.

What was considered outrageous, unthinkeable and morally reprehensible 10 years ago is now actively encouraged and applauded. In short, we have been stripped, layer by layer, of our moral compass and our right to speak out against the dangerous absurdity of our current world.

In 2020 we have become so dumbed down, so fearful, so compliant and so enslaved by bureaucracy that we now cheer and applaud our Governments for keeping us safe.

What have we come to? 

What has happened to our basic human rights? It seems that they only exist if you are one of the brainwashed. One of the meek and submissive - or - more worryingly, one of the mentally ill activists who loot, burn and destroy everything that our societies have achieved over the centuries.

On November 23 1963, John F Kennedy was assassinated. The world mourned his loss. 


By 2016 Donald Trump was elected to become President of the United States. By fraud and media's relentless hounding, he was in the fight for his life. Both literally and politically. There was no way that the Deep State would allow him to get another 4 years to overthrow their plot to overthrow the People. By 2020, they are going in for the kill. 

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How better to kill him off than to ramp up the Climate Change campaign of fear, introduce a " deadly " virus, lock the people down and, under the cloak of public safety, keep people away from the polling booths and let the corrupted machines do the counting. 

This is probably one of the darkest times in modern history: we sit poised on the edge of a cliff where one man and his team of trusted supporters are all that stand in the way of the destruction of everything we hold dear.

Should this electoral fraud in America succeed, we will have been plunged into a valley of enslavement where there are no ladders and no ropes and no way back up the mountain to safety and normality.

As Rowan Dean explained recently, The Great Reset is not something to take lightly.

There are questionable election results all around the world that were so easily manipulated due to the Virus. As the machines did the counting, a decimal point here and there could sway the count and secure a win for the Great Reset.

New Zealand and Australia were disarmed after both the Port Arthur Massacre and the Christchurch Massacre. Americans have the protection of their Constitution and thankfully are still able to defend themselves if things turn ugly - which I fear they will.

As the year draws to a close, the " outbreaks " of the Virus are increasing. Just in time to make sure that everyone is safely locked up and socially isolated under public health legislation to prevent civil uprising when and if the election steal is concluded.

Our own military here in Australia and elsewhere are being accused of being war criminals and British Police are wearing rainbow epaulettes . QANTAS Chief Alan Joyce warns that ankle bracelets, DNA tests, sewage testing on planes and mandatory vaccinations will be a pre requisite for overseas travel.

The lunacy is increasing and our way of life is diminishing, one layer at a time. 

Did The Deep State and their criminal conspirator "Think Tank" the Rockefeller Foundation, concoct a script for the intelligence agencies to follow? Harry Voxx says yes.  The script is to use biological warfare to usher in the final solution to total human enslavement. And he believes that we can see every day the evidence of their plans in action. 

Some years ago, Harry Voxx, Investigative Journalist. made a short 14 minute video that explains how a plan to control the world and turn it in to a " prison planet " was in place.  

As one person commented:

this world is kept in 'order' by FEAR. Let that sink in.

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