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The Singing Detective is in a world of pain and we are feeling his pain.

With what is happening, I am reminded of that classic book and movie “ The Singing Detective “ when  the central character is locked inside his own body, unable to move and is forced to retreat inside his mind to survive.

He feels like he is a prisoner because he is one. The Doctors pouring over his body and trying to work out the treatment because they know there is no cure.

We, the People, are helpless. We, like “ The Singing Detective “ , can only lie low and hope like hell the powers that be know what they are doing.

This too, shall pass springs to mind, but, until it does, we are in a world of pain.

In the meantime, we pray and, probably, for the first time in many people’s lives, really mean it.

If you haven’t read it or watched the movie, it is well worth the watch. A story based on a person who is in a living hell and has no CONTROL over his life, his body or his – in many cases – mind. He is plagued by fever generated imaginings and, in his lucid moments, infuriated by his loss of dignity, free choice and mobility. He also is forced to confront his own transgressions and faults.


Here we sit, in virtually a lockdown situation, socially, physically and emotionally isolated because of a bug, hatched by COMMUNIST China and it is bringing the West to its knees.

This is a sneak preview people in what could be our lives if the Greens, Labor and their cohorts ever gain power.

Lining up for food? Get used to it. No loo paper? Get used to it. Being ORDERED to stay at home or work? Get used to it.

This is Socialism my friends.

Our only hope is that our Governments around the globe boot the United Nations off the side of the flat planet Earth and get back to common sense.

Borders. Sovereignty. Self Sufficiency. And only trade that enhances our Nations but does not make them reliant.

Bring back manufacturing. Stop selling our Nations to China.

Do not let our people starve, lose their homes and their dreams so that China can buy them, turn them to a profit and leave us as slaves to a bunch of so called refugees, foreign investors and political masterminds.

Our entire Nations are about to be put on the auction platform at the slave market of International finance and, at the present, the Middle East and China are the only bidders.

I ask not that, not only our borders are closed but our trade borders are closed and we see this for what it is. The attempted overthrow of capitalism.

This is not about a Corona Virus. This is a fight for our very lives. Our way of life and our future. And let us not be soothed by kind words.

Like the Singing Detective hero Philip Marlow ( if you can call him a hero) we are flawed creatures. We are confronting our defects and being confronted with who we really are: not always nice but by and large we are human. Our restricted lives are bringing out the best and the worst in ourselves.

Like Mr Marlow, we are metaphorically feverish; metaphorically in a ward of people who, through social media, have become our closest friends.  We are being forced to confront isolation from all that is familiar and our lives are now controlled by a group of people who we would much prefer to keep at arms length – the Government.

Many of us have accepted the Government as the distant anonymous bodies that collect our taxes, pay our welfare and fine us for speeding.

Suddenly, in our Western Democracies, we are seeing the control that Socialist and Communist Regimes have imposed on their populace for decades – and we don’t like it.

Time for a Reality Check – if we don’t want to feel the constraints and restrictions on our lives forever, don’t vote for the Left. Because this bout of ill health will become a permanent fixture under Socialism or Communism.

Anyone who has been admitted to hospital for Cancer or any other serious illness knows that the minute you are admitted into “ care “ you are hanging up your Rights at the door and surrendering your CONTROL over your life. Hell, just ask anyone who goes into a Care home when they are elderly. Not much care and not much home.

You put Faith in your carers.

With Communism and Socialism? Are they your Carers or your Keepers?

We are all lying in the waiting room right now. Waiting. For what? We don’t know. But I have a nasty suspicion that, whatever it is, it is not good.

" There are songs to sing, there are feelings to feel, there are thoughts to think. That makes three things, and you can't do three things at the same time. The singing is easy, syrup in my mouth, and the thinking comes with the tune, so that leaves only the feelings. Am I right, or am I right? I can sing the singing. I can think the thinking. But you're not going to catch me feeling the feeling. No, sir. "

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