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Back in the 70's, I saw a cross dressing male heterosexual win the support of people who - in today's PC correct days, should not have stood a chance in hell. He won the support of the Police Union. Not a bad feat for someone who, back then, was seen as bit " different. "

All of the people who question their sexual orientation today and are gender confused or angry at the so called lack of tolerance of people who are a bit different need to learn about this remarkable man and reflect. Are you gender confused? Or are you just a unique person with a different slant on life?  Maybe you just need to be a bit more like Rob Moodie. A man who wore kaftans and dressed as Alice in Wonderland to go to the High Court.

Here was a bloke, a former copper, politician, lawyer and mayor . A man who was the former Secretary of the Police Union and fought to look after Police in troubled times.

All of this rubbish that we hear today and see today about the Conservatives that hate people who are part of a minority need to have a look at Mr Rob Moodie, alias Alice in Wonderland.

A heterosexual man who was happily married with 3 children and liked to wear women’s clothes.

We normal Conservative human beings  have always been tolerant people. We judge people on their merits, not their quirks of individuality.

So many today are too young to remember this controversial figure in New Zealand’s past. So here is a crash course:

Rob Moodie had a tough start in life. One of 10 kids, he was placed in a boys home when only seven years old. His Dad had passed from Tuberculosis and his Mum, unable to cope, had to surrender him to the State. He grew up in care with his foster parents. At age fifteen, he left school and got a job as a freezing worker, a fencing worker and joined the Police aged just nineteen years.

Hardly a privileged start to life.

Yet he went on to rise through the ranks in the Police, reach the rank of Inspector and then go on to study Law and graduate with a First Class Honours Degree.  He did a PhD. He was a self made man. His aspiration to greatness had not been stifled by excuses or reasons – and there were clearly many that he could have used to justify his failure.

Yet he did not fail. He succeeded.

Rob Moodie became the Police Association Secretary and was, as I vividly remember as a then wife of a copper, seen often dressed in a kaftan whilst he represented the rights of Police throughout New Zealand. And the Police loved him.

So all the leftie luvvies out there – we were “woke  “  a long time ago. Only in those days we saw it as meritorious acceptance of excellence in whatever guise. Not acceptance of guise disguised as meritorious.

Rob went on to act for a couple in one of the most famous cases in New Zealand legal history – when he defended the Berryman’s whose farm happened to have a bridge built by the New Zealand Army Engineers. The bridge collapsed, killing a local beekeeper. The Coroner held that the Berryman’s were responsible for his death.

Rob Moodie did not agree. He took the case to the High Court and won. 

And he did it dressed as Alice in Wonderland. Wearing a dress sewn by his wife.

alice 1

My personal feeling is that he felt empowered as a woman because his father passed when he was so little and his Mother was so overwhelmed with responsibility and hardship that she epitomised a strength of character that he admired and loved.  I may be wrong. It does not matter.

I do so admire his wife and children. I admire their support and commitment to a man they clearly adore, respect and admire.

I admire the Kiwi coppers who accepted this rather eccentric man as their public face. My admiration for Rob Moodie is immense.

So all you leftie luvvie darlings who think that we are a mob of right wing intolerant monsters:

We support people who deserve to be supported. Not those that expect support without earning it.

Rob Moodie, his wife, the Kiwis and Cops who threw aside nonsense and embraced credit where credit is due should reflect that we can get it right without Government help and we actually can think for ourselves without being babysat...

And, by the way, good on you Mrs Moodie. That was a great outfit you sewed for your husband.

Let us reflect on this as our elections approach throughout the world. In America, in New Zealand and in Queensland, Australia.

Don't let the Left fool you by pretending that we scorn diversity. We don't and never have. What we scorn is the Free Ride Mentality where an appointment is made because someone is different, not in spite of it.

Rob Moodie made it on his merits in a society that existed 50 years ago in a far less " woke " society " .

How about we drop the Politics and let merit do its magic? 

Diversity politics has no place in our modern world. And it's time to look after our thin Blue Line.


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