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UK. under lockdown .    Oh for the days when your House , Unit or dwelling place was your sanctuary,   your place of peace away from the turmoil of the working day.    Relax and  enjoy your own company and that of your family.   Play with the kids , take the dog for a walk, watch your favourite sport on TV or just sit back and enjoy a movie.
Today though, in some Countries , some areas it is a place you are not allowed to leave , not allowed to have visitors,  a Prison.  
All because of a virus that was originally from China  invaded  the Western world and scared everyone into submission.   Just look what the people have turned into , mask wearing , submissive , and rather frightened  images of their former selves.   So grateful to the Government for keeping them safe.....    not realizing that it is all in the name of how much can we subdue them before they turn!!!!
In stark contrast you have the Mask wearing rioters , who are very happy to put on the  disguise  and go out and create havoc ,  loot and  injure anyone who looks sideways at them.     Smash into  shops and steal ,  taunt the police who today one doesn't know whether the police are as bad as the rioters or good helpful members of a force that is there to protect.   Very divided thoughts on that group of people.    When you read that night after night the rioters  go on the rampage  , destroy property , light fires and even kill people,  you wonder when it will end and who can successfully put an end to that behaviour.

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Will  Joe Biden manage to quell  the hate fever in these out of hand people?      They are all in favour of a Democrat regime , but will they suddenly become honest  and law abiding citizens?   I think Joe Biden and his mates are in for an interesting time if he does finally capture the Presidency.   We will look with much interest at the final outcome of this Election .  
Will President Trump manage to get law and order restored and solve the problem of the unlawful votes  , look at the map of the United States, the complete interior is Red only the coastal areas are Blue  , what does that say?       He has rallied the majority of the people to a better standard of living,  created more jobs , therefore a happier standard of life.    All to get thrown out by underhanded  and suspect voting procedures.  
Isn't it sad when you think here was 2020 a new decade  and it has been the  beginning of a time none of us will want to remember.   Is it the  beginning  of a new and very restricted way of life that we have not experienced before  where our personal wishes come last and the "Powers that Be" hold the final  say of how we are going to live our lives in future.       Ultimately it comes down to Sanctuary or Prison. 

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