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 We as humans are supposed to be above cruelty and  neglect, inhuman treatment it is called,  but we as humans are doing this very thing.

In every respect we are  without feelings or compassion, not only to our animals,  but to our elderly , in a lot of cases to our children  also to our wild life.   I am going to go into a list of examples.   Look at motherhood for a start.   In almost every case with very few exceptions the new mother is very protective and loving towards her new born.
What is the first thing we do is separate the cow from her new born calf.   No wonder she goes mad, and stamps on anything in her path to try and get back to that little one.  Look at how protective  all creatures are of their baby.   
download 2020 11 22T114435.981
Then  we must look at the way we treat hens, they provide us with eggs   to eat, meat to put on our tables, surely we could give them a better life , more freedom , think how much better the actual egg would be if they were living a normal life.     I have only seen the tip of the iceberg as they say with regard to the   cruelty inflicted upon our chickens and hens.
free range chicken
Then we come to the actual meat that goes onto our tables, no wonder so many people have become vegetarians  , the cruelty in which some of these poor creatures live their lives, especially overseas is beyond comprehension.   Kept in pens, kept indoors no green grass to eat.  "Once upon a time" that would have been unheard of .. restricted movement and confined housing.   How much further backward can we go in neglect and deliberate cruelty.   See how that word is there all the time when we speak of animals .
download 2020 11 22T114835.980 
Then of course we come to the dogs in our lives.   Such faithful delightful companions.  loving , caring , protective.   That is what they are, but get a nasty owner and  the poor creature    turns into a   …   give back what it has to put up with.    A spiteful and vicious  dog.   But look at the way some of them live their miserable lives.   A chain around its neck , restricted movement.  Starved half the time,  no fun,   no walks , no swimming at the beach or lake or river.    Why do those totally nasty people get a dog if they are not going to treat it as   a member of the family?  
Happy Dog Running 
An example, a new puppy arrived near by,  It was going to be loved... but now the owner has decided not to put a retaining fence around the property and has put a chain around it's neck and has built a small run ( for what is going to be a big dog) to keep it off  of the  road and out  the house.   I am sure it is going to be     fed, and possibly walked but is that a member of the family?   Some other neighbours have  bought some chooks and instead of a run and a house  they have put them into a wire cage probably about a metre square.     Is that the action of caring responsible humans?   What has happened to our gentler side  of  life,  our compassion our caring for the  animals we are supposed to look after.   Remember that word from the Bible .. Dominion …  means taking care of , looking after  , doing our best for...      Not today , oh no... use and abuse !
download 2020 11 22T115224.171
Oh I nearly forgot one of the most horrible acts, Live export of our sheep and cattle.    How can any  country
 give permission for such a dreadful and very heartless way to treat an animal.    Filth and sickness is the only way to describe that  treatment.   I would love to see the humans that okay that transport  put in a similar situation and see how they cope.   Why do you think the   refrigeration method was discovered?   To solve the problem of such barbaric behaviour.  
Finally I will go to the  Leftie Luvies who advocate that  the forest and bush lands be left alone and then the build up of forest debris,   then along come the  bush fires, poor koalas, wallabies , kangaroos, not to mention the  bird life all killed because someone who knows nothing  has the  power of persuasion to idiots who follow their bidding.
download 2020 11 22T115622.572 
Let's look at ourselves, change the way we treat our livestock and pets.  Show some love, show some caring.
It is never too late to improve the treatment   and look at ways to  show love and responsibility .   We might start looking after each other better. 









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