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end of the world

In less than 4 years, our country and world has changed. Public opinion is now being censored; family units are divided and couples are at odds. Wearing a hat will get you treated with disdain or greeted with a handshake.
A hat.  I mark everything these days from the passing of my dear and beloved father. He would not recognise the world that we are living in today. In less than 4 years, the left have put our lives into the washing machine and churned out a life that is unrecognisable . Just over 45 months.
My father passed away after a brief illness that started with a bad tooth.  To be fair, he had suffered from congestive heart failure and was 89 years old. But he managed to laugh and engage and do a damned good job of being a great contributor to our lives despite his physical limitations.
His body was failing but his mind was sound, alert and in every way as astute as it had been when he was the young and handsome sailor that my mother met all those years ago in 1949.
He got a bad tooth. He had been meticulous with his dental care but it was not unexpected that he had issues with a TOOTH.
You must be wondering where I am going with this, but bear with me.
My Dad looked after his health. He never smoked, drank very little alcohol and lived a life based on family values and old fashioned hard work. He fished and boated and ate good old fashioned tucker.
When he was a little boy, he was brought up in the depression. He had mild polio as a kid and, as a young man serving in the British Navy, contracted TB. He grew up in a hard working and basic family unit that relied upon itself.
Yet it was a tooth that was his undoing.
Anyway, back to THE TOOTH.
My Dad got an infection and had his tooth removed. He was given some antibiotics to kill that infection. So far, so good.
But, after one week of taking the antibiotics,, he collapsed in agony . One month later: the infection had spread to his spine.
Cutting to the chase, my father died. Not from congestive heart failure; not from polio; not from TB; not from old age... but from a bad tooth where the antibiotics were not kept up long enough to kill the infection.
We, as a Nation, we as a world, are under the same attack. 
We will not die from climate change; we will not die from nuclear attack or drought or floods. We will die from a bloody tooth infection.
And that tooth infection is leftist interference.
Our Governments are giving us an antibiotic of " measured immigration " yet the infection is still with us.
What seems to be a smile and kind act of allowing people to come and embrace our life is a Trojan Horse.
download 45TROJAN HORSE filled with infected teeth that has come to bite us, infect us and violate us and we have no antibiotic.

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