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After months of misery and sticking to our homes like glue,  just in case we get the dreaded lurgy, it gets to the stage where you have to bite the bullet, get in the car and hit the road. Not on a holiday or heading off to somewhere windswept and exotic; just a trip to the other side of town. What, less than a year ago, was a normal part of day to day living has become a chore and an unwelcome one at that. 

Going to public places is now a voyage into a foreign land. A place where it is no longer fun or familiar.  It has become a chore and, like ironing is to me, an an unpleasant one at that. 

That's how it feels these days when you actually have the will to go further than 10 km from home. It isn't as though I haven't been ALLOWED to go out or ALLOWED to go where I want, when I want. It is more that I can't be bothered. I have lost the will to make the effort to get dressed up, put on make up and keep appointments. I don't really feel inclined to drive to the river and " sit a spell. " Or window shop, have a cup of coffee and a slice. 

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I don't feel the need to be in a crowded place with perspex screens and people wearing masks and hand sanitiser stations at the entry of every store. It feels foreign and I prefer the normality that exists within my own realm of comfort and familiarity.  

Redhead had an appointment with one of her health providers  and her bank.

The bank was  suffering from computer " glitches " ( alot of that about these days it seems.) The health provider had changed its signage and she wrote this, in answer to a customer survey:

I wonder if you have found after you have purchased something, you get an email asking how the visit went.   Fill in the  survey let us know how you found our service etc.    I imagine most of the time  staff were pleasant ,  service was quite satisfactory and you left quite happy.
I have just filled one in … they asked was there anything they could have improved.   I bet they weren't expecting the answer I gave.  
" I am fed up with looking , while waiting for your turn to see the specialist  or expert , at looking at photos on the wall  advertising the product or item you are there for  ..   seeing scruffy men , usually unshaven and in need of a hair cut , heavily tattooed and the last thing a normal  woman would want to be seen with.  Let alone have to deal with whatever she is there for without naming names.  
Why is it thought that a man who is not clean shaven and  in some cases  even a dread lock hair style  is the picture of what is thought to be good looking.    Why can't we see a handsome , clean shaven neat hair styled  chap advertising the product , why can't we see a happy family group , why do we have to see    these excuses  for humans .  Certainly not my idea of  a well turned out handsome guy.  
Or is it part of the advertising scheme to so annoy you  that you notice the advertisement.   Well if that is the case it works the other way with a lot of us.    Last thing we would do is buy one of that product that uses such ugly and in poor taste figures.
We have seen the result of poor advertising,   I will not use names but we   can all think of a couple of firms and items which where given the cold shoulder and their profits have plummeted since some poor advertisement upset the buyers.   We might be in very restricted circumstances at the moment but we still have a brain , we still have eyes and  ears  and even if we are  careful about   our voices   it doesn't stop us from eliminating that place or that item that has offended.
How nice it would be to get back to the chap who looks like he has had a shower , just got out of the surf , lives a healthy life and is full of life and energy , not some scruffy  , too lazy to clean  himself up , let alone be fun to be with ..   a handsome  fellow , who looks good.   Those are the photos we want to see advertising products."

Good on you, Redhead. Good on you. 

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We ladies from around the world, no matter what Nation we hail from, appreciate a good man. By the way, I chose that photo and to hell with my Granddaughters who think that I am too old to admire the beauty of a good looking man.

Far better than their idea of one.


Needless to say, the health chain concerned will no longer receive one dollar of Redhead's custom. Like Gillette. Like Cadburys. Like any company that ignores the will of the majority and caves to the will of the few.

Why do companies pander to the views of the vocal minority? 

We are seeing this in Australia, New Zealand and all around the world. America is being stolen because the vocal minority have over ridden the order of the soul. 

 Computers control our banks, our money, our votes, our very lives. Vocal minorities flood the internet with spam opinion posts, and computers pick up the trends. 

download 2020 11 18T132137.578

But ultimately, it is mankind that programmes the computers and tells them what to think and what to do.

It was a group of human beings who sought to change the " brand " of Gillette and this particular health care chain. It was a group of human beings who sought to infect the world with a virus and it was a group of human beings who used that virus to destroy the western world economy. It was a group of human beings who told the computers to steal votes. To manipulate our lives and ordered us to use cashless " machines " instead of real currency.

It is a group of human beings who are attempting to push the reset button on our lives and reprogramme us to be fearful, hopeless and helpless. It is a group of people, a MINORITY, who are attempting to lock us down and shut us up, accept the unacceptable and smile in abject despair as each bastion of our traditional lives and values are decimated, one at a time.

download 2020 11 18T132347.772

Unless we, like Redhead speak OUR minds, we will be left as the Silent Majority who ALLOWED some pimply little shit in a basement, wearing a dress and chanting " Black Lives Matter and Mum, where is my pizza?" to steal our present, remove our past and destroy our future.






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