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For the last 7 months, I have seen much of the western world descend into chaos because of the " Virus "

This was just the excuse  for the closing down of freedom and taking over our lives under the illusion that it is for our own good. It conditioned us to get used to being told what to do, when to do it and be grateful for our Governments caring and responsible destruction of our lives. 

We have seen places like Victoria and Queensland supposedly applaud the prison guards for locking us up and taking our freedom, livelihoods and futures. APPARENTLY, we voted in unison for more Nanny State and reduction in our individual right to dictate the terms of living our own lives.

Now that we have been conditioned to accept oppression, the rest is easy. Reintroduce the Climate Change Catastrophe and  tell us that it is for our own good and that of the planet. . 

This virus was released to stifle freedom. And it has worked very bloody well.

Since this Virus ( the Fear Virus, the Stealth Virus,  not the Fake Corona Virus one,)  closed down our world, our countries and our lives, we have seen an escalation in Black Lives Matter and Lefties Lives Matter, Lesbian Lives Matter, Alphabet Lives Matter and the only people's lives that don't matter are men's lives, children's lives, unborn babies lives, white people and black lives that don't vote for Biden or the left. 

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Old people's lives don't matter any more. Their so called " care homes " have been turned from God's Waiting Room to a dormitory of death; just shove all of the Covid positive cases in with the oldies and you will see them fall like flies when confronted with a can of mortein.

A woman of colour, a devout Socialist, is nominated for Vice President because she is a woman of colour and a socialist. Forget merit. She couldn't muster enough votes to keep her in the primaries and is within a cooee of being the President of the disunited States of America. 

An old geriatric, dementia riddled white man is being wheeled out just long enough to see if they can survive the steal when he will be shunted off to the basement again - and this time, for good.

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A real man, a man with love in his heart and patriotism in his very soul,  is fighting for 330 million fellow Americans and is being abused and torn to shreds with a campaign of lies, deceit, and treachery.

I watched this segment on Sky News recently with Rowan Dean. 

Having conditioned us to accept what we are told, bring back Climate Change. 

Something that has a 99% survival rate is going to be cured by a vaccine that has a 96 % success rate. Boris Johnson got the bug, survived and is now back in quarantine because someone he knows has been diagnosed with it.

If his immunity cannot even last 4 months, how long will the vaccine last? 

In fact, we are being told to get used to the NEW NORMAL. A world where you dob in your mates, your neighbours or the old digger from across the road who put his bin out after curfew.

A world where elections are won and lost through another hoax - a machine that counts your votes as it has been programmed to - and not what it actually counted before the other " reset ".


7 months. 

This is a fight to the death. It is the fight of Daniel in the Lions Den. This is the fight that will determine the future of, not just our world, but the world of our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

If we do not fight back then we do not deserve to be called Men. If we do not fight back and form an army to support Trump then we are not men. We are cowards. And no one, NO ONE could accuse Trump of being a coward.

By God, that man can fight. 


And that is what we must all do.

Because we are going through hell at present and I for one want to get to the exit ramp. 

Only Trump, with our help, can take down the road blocks and open the road to freedom again.

As Sir Winston Churchill said " When you are going through hell, keep going. "


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