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Is there anything that this man cannot do? I am awe struck by his majesty and magnificence. He is able to rally the dead from their tombs; the people suffering from multiple personality disorder and get each and every personality to vote for him.

It is breathtaking to behold. His ability to garner loyalty from the dead and the people who did not even know that they were voting is astonishing.

This man is like the second coming of Christ. He can bring Lazarus back from the dead and get him to vote Joe Biden. It truly is a miracle.

When  Christ fed the masses with loaves and fish, little did he know that he would be usurped, 2000 years later, by a man who could turn one vote in to 1000.

If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it.  We are truly living in a time of miracles.

When Christ tore down the stalls in the temple market  and declared that money, power and greed, did not belong in his place of worship, Joe Biden announced that he would put those stalls back up. The temple, aka the White House, is open for business.

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I am told that his son Hunter is collecting the stall holders fees as we speak.

Is this not wonderful?

Imagine the joy that will be felt when Trump is crucified? Imagine the shock when he rolls back the rock and comes back to sort the sonofabitch out.

Imagine that?

 Funny how history repeats itself. 

 Jesus Crucified Donald Trump 660x330

Safety tip: never create a martyr because no matter how may sheckels you have in the market and how many people you get to vote for you, a martyr will always triumph. 

The left do not realise that they have created a martyr who died on the political cross for us. 

I wonder: who will be remembered 2000 years from now? 

Pontious Pilate or Jesus Christ?

 download 73

My bet is that Joe Biden will be remembered as the man who washed his hands and had no clue that he was part of an awakening that we have not seen for 2000 years.

Silly bugger. 

Meanwhile, get your bucks out, join the queue and get ready to pass them over. Because when Joe and Karmala are in charge, you will not see a dollar of your money. 

Joe and Karmala will make sure of that.

In the interim, God Bless us all. Because Saint Joe and Saint Karmala are about to send us to the Spanish Inquisition. But I doubt we will get the comfy chair. 




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