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While everyone else in the world is watching the news and either crying in their stiff whiskey or toasting with the same enjoyable drink  depending on their hero.. be it President Trump or ex Vice President Biden I am enjoying the sight of 3 new puppies in the street.
Two are being brought up free of a chain and taken to romp on the beach. 
One is on a chain. All loved but one is different from the others. He is on a chain. 
All different but they will all eventually be bigger dogs.   At the moment cuddly , gorgeous and full of mischief.   All the owners probably wondering what they have let themselves in for.   Their old fellow gone and a puppy is so very different from the old member of the family who  is no longer with them.  Everyone has different ideas on training and getting the little fellow a happy and  settled member of the family.   
All puppies grow up. A muzzle does not stop the bark and a chain does not stop the yearning to run free. 
basket muzzle 
I cannot help but feel that we are being treated like puppies on a chain at the moment. But as I say, all puppies grow up and become bigger dogs. Chained dogs become angry dogs and those that are allowed to run and play become happy and contented.
Maybe in the  days gone by a chain was  used  to keep a little puppy  in control  but not today.   One of the  new puppies is getting used to a chain … the other two have the back yard fully fenced  and is free to  enjoy life without his brothers and sisters and his Mum .  That separation  in itself is a big trauma....    then to have a chain around his neck .   What is wrong with people,  they will spend a fortune on this little animal and then will fence a pen but not the  back yard!!!!! 
I have owned dogs  all my married life, and it would have been 70 years this year and owned dogs all that time and not once has a chain been any where near those loved members of the family.    A lead to walk to the beach  or the park, then freedom.    Freedom in the house and garden , means a happy contented animal.  
Freedom...  what a lovely word,  freedom to  make your own choices , freedom to say within reason what you think about things,  freedom to go where you want.    But what have we got today,   Restrictions.    Curfews.     Masks.   Invasion  in the form of tests... things shoved up your nose , down your throat.   Imprisonment   in
your own home.   In trouble if you breach any of these  rules.     No different from the little puppy who has been unfortunate enough to  have been chosen by  people who put a chain around his neck.    
Back to politics again,  ( as if I ever left it ) who will come out of this  very suspect election.    Who will be leading the world into  a happier place, who will try and sort  things out to the benefit of all people ?     Who will give love and  care for everyone, that is the big issue of the moment.       President Trump or  ex vice President Biden.  
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I prefer the one that doesn't want to use a chain. 

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